First Coach purchase..and some LV!

  1. I'm so excited..I've wanted a large Carly for months and my SO took me to Coach while in Toronto this past weekend. I originally had my heart set on the khaki/brown Carly but they just got a khaki/beet in the day before and I fell in love:love:.
    My dear SO was so patient and actually modelled both bags while the SA helped me finally decide on the beet. Then he grabbed a cute brass lock keyfob and pulled out his card to pay..I had every intention on buying it for myself!
    We also went to LV and picked out a men's black Koala bracelet because it has the silver lock to match my T&Co jewelry.
    He really spoiled me this weekend and I'm now a huge Coach fan:yahoo:.
    I'll try to upload some pics!!
    Toronto2008 001.JPG Toronto2008 003.JPG Toronto2008 002.jpg
  2. What a sweetie! I love your bag and your bracelet! They are to die for! Congrats
  3. The Carly looks SO good on you! Congrats, you've got a sweet SO!
  4. congrats on your beautiful carly! i want a carly too, but i'm concerned it'll look huge on me since i'm short. i also need to save up...A LOT!
  5. Congrats, perfect choice for your first Coach! Love the bracelet as well!
  6. Beautiful carly and I like the bracelet too!!
  7. Love your Carly! It looks great on you! Congrats!
  8. I love that color combo on the carly. I think this may be my next bag. Geez I always say that.

    But I need a Carly back in my life!
  9. what a sweet SO you have! Carly looks great on you!
  10. Love your Carly!! :love:
  11. Very nice, all of it!
  12. That bracelet is awesome. I just posted a pic of mine in the LV Forum... I get more compliments on the gold Koala LV bracelet than I do on any of my bags.

    Good choice!
  13. She's a beauty Meg, Congrat's.:yahoo:
  14. congrats love the color combo on the carly!
  15. Gorgeous! I really want a Carly, maybe I should consider it in beet.