First Coach- Help me decide

  1. Hi Ladies-

    I am new, but have been reading for a little while now. I am about to make my first Coach purchse (Christmas present from my husband). I was at the Coach store overthe weekend and fell in love with the Mia Satchels. I can't decide between these two.

    What are your opinions? I wear jeans on the weekend and dress clothes to work. I would love for it too look year around.

    Thanks in advance!!

    mia braided leather satchel.jpg mia signature satchel.jpg
  2. I like the leather one.
  3. go for the leather one; I saw this on a's really good.
  4. leatherrr
  5. I like the signature one better.
  6. I like both, and like to have a variety in my wardrobe BUT prefer leather - and if you want it to work for both work and 'play', I'd go with Leather -
  7. First one!
  8. I like the first one.
  9. first one!!!
  10. I prefer it in all leather.
  11. I usually like signature, but in this style I like the leather better. Beautiful choice!
  12. I like the signature :yes:
  13. Leather
  14. Hello, I vote for the leather. Especially since I have it and am carrying it today!!! I love it, you can dress it up or down. It's all up to you!!!!
  15. I love the braided leather and it looks gorgeous IRL
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