First Coach!! Bleeker Signature Hobo

  1. Here she is!! My first Coach bag! I have waited so long for this :smile:


    Love love love it!!

    BC Metrotown and Coach 054.jpg coach.JPG coach3.JPG
  2. totally cute
  3. Congrats!! ^_^
  4. Thank you!! I love it! I'm so happy :smile: lolll
  5. Great bag! It looks great on you!!!
  6. That bag is very cute and looks fabulous on you! Rock on with your bad self!:jammin:
  7. cute!
  8. That is a very lovely bag. It looks great on your shoulder! Congrats!
  9. I really like that bag and it looks great on you!!:tup:
  10. She's gorgeous!!!!!
  11. oh! yeah! Thanks for posting pictures! It looks great on you!! ok..I see what you mean...if thats the medium...the small will be too small for me. Darn.... love the kakhi/black combo, though. That will be my choice too. :smile: I'm going to try and pop in the store today and check these out in person. Congrats on your FIRST Coach! Enjoy!!!!:yahoo::tup:
  12. love it! congrats! 1st of many i m sure
  13. I love it, it's so cute and pretty!!!! Congrats and enjoy.....
  14. forgot to ask you...can you slouch the bag down in the middle if you wanted to? The website picture has it slouching more? Just curious....:smile:
  15. Extremely cute!