First coach bag..can't decide!

  1. Hey!! I am looking to buy my first coach bag..and I can't decide. For some reason I just love how the swingpacks look..but they are too small for me..

    I can't find the large stripe swingpack in brown, the store anymore - but maybe they can order one?

    I am also debating this bag too...

    Help :smile::p
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  2. i love the large totes but i could never fill it up with stuff.. they're too big for me.
  3. I vote bag #1
  4. Well, it sounds like you made your decision. If its too small for you- you are more likely not to use it. I think they are cute too, but I do not own one because its just too small. Get something that you are sure to use and that can hold all your things. Otherwise it might just end up sitting in your closet!
  5. i use my new swingpack for errands and things, and travel in the summer, but recently realized how dumb they look w a coat.
  6. Yeah no kidding.. It looks cute with light clothings only ;)

  7. I just bought my mom her first Coach and it was the same swingpack you have pictured..she liked the Parchment. They did have the brown stripe one you are referring to at my Coach store in Chandler, AZ but it sounds like it may be too small for you. The tote is cute but VERY BIG. Have you seen it IRL? You picked out two completely different bags. I would definitely go to a store and try them both on and put your stuff in them to see how your things will fit. Good Luck and let us know what you decide! :tup:
  8. if a swingpack is too small, I wouldn' get one.
  9. Bag 2.
  10. I find the swingpack very handy for running quick errands when I only need my wallet (well actually I carry wristlets instead), and cell phone, and don't want to carry a giant bag. Although a larger bag is much needed when I want to go on longer trips, like shopping or to the beach, and I want to carry more stuff. Have you considered something in between those two bags - like a Chelsea hobo or else an Ergo crossbody? My first COACH was a Soho duffle, similar in size to the Chelsea hobo, and I still use's just so practical and just the right size. But just remember that it might be your first COACH, but it's probably not your last, so buy something that you think you will use even if you buy more! Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
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  11. Opps sorry guys! I think I worded it wrong

    The small swingpack is too small for me - but the large one is a good size. But you guys are saying the swing packs dont look as nice with jackets- I guess this is true. Do many people buy the signature stripe satchel - like the one I have shown??

  12. I think the satchel is a good choice. It is classic and goes with everything.
  13. I'm not a fan of satchels or swingpacks, but if I were to pick from the two I'd say the satchel. Better to have something bigger than smaller--at least you'll know all of your stuff will fit!
  14. I like the large tote! But I also tend to carry excessive amounts of things in my handbags. Have you gone to the store and tried different bags on? You might find some more styles you like.
  15. Yup, I only use my swingpack in the spring/summer.