First CLs-unsure??

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  1. So, I want to get some CLs for my b-day in April. Just for fun, I started browsing Saks (we don't have anywhere with CLs here. I live in the middle of nowhere) and found the perfect two pairs. The Pigalle 100mm in black leather and the Declic 140mm in pink glitter (so kitsch but so cute). Both are pre-order, the pigalles set to arrive April 20th and the Declics March 15. My questions are 1) Anybody ever pre-order CLs from Saks before? Are the arrival date estimates accurate? If I decide I don't want one of them when it arrives can I cancel before they ship it? Couldn't find pre-order info on their site. 2) Anybody have the pink glitter Declics? How do they fit/look in real life? I normally wear an 8 1/2 but I thought I'd size up a 1/2 size because I have wide feet. I know French sizing can be finicky.

    I'd really appreciate your help ladies! I've never bought designer shoes before (just contemporary and cheap-os, which I've since given up) so I'm a total newbie and decided CLs would be best introduction (plus, they're GORGEOUS). Any help/pictures/measurements/anything would be mucho appreciated! :biggrin: I hope to join the rest of you in the CL fanclub soon!
  2. Let's see where to start...

    1. Sometimes the shoes ship (weeks or even months) before the set shipment date.

    2. You can cancel before they ship. If they ship and you decide you don't want them you can return to a store or send them back for a refund.

    3. I don't have the pink glitter declics, but I do have 140 declics. I really do not think this heel height should be your first CL, that is a bit much. Unless, of course, you are already use to walking in heels that high.

    4. Check out the Louboutin library and there are all colors and shapes of shoes. You can look there for an idea of what you are looking for.

    5. As far as sizing goes, half size up seems about right for the declic, especially since you have wide feet and the pigalle most people go half size down or full size down.

    HTH! Good luck.

    Look around the forum, there's loads of information for you to soak up! Welcome!!
  3. See this is what I'm worried about. They'll randomly ship long before I have the money set aside for them. But I suppose I could cancel it if they came to early....not that I'd want to, of course. :sneaky:

    Oh I'm used to high-heels. :biggrin: I don't have a single shoe with a heel lower than 3 1/2" and my highest is about 6". So that wont be an issue.

    Hm so even with wide feet I should still order down the the pigalle? SAKS says get a half size up on their site, but I know they can be dumb about sizing (they said Repetto runs large, which anyone who owns Repetto knows THAT'S not true). My feet are like 4 inches wide, so I'm always wary of what I can fit into (usually if it's 3 to 3+ inches I'm okay).

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. Saks is usually quite early on their pre-order items... and you won't get any warning so if you change your mind it's best to call customer service right away.
    Not sure what to tell you about the sizing with wider feet. If I'm not sure I usually order two sizes and return the pair that doesn't fit :P
    Like both your choices...
  5. Eeep, not sure I like the sound of that. I wouldn't mind the Pigalles being a week early, but if the Declics come too early I might not be able to pay my rent! :S Maybe I should just pre-order the Pigalles and just stalk the Declics?

    Sadly I don't think I could afford to buy 2 in the same size.
  6. UPDATE: Saks will honor the price adjustment from Neiman. But they'll only give it to me 5 days after I pay full price for the shoes in the first place. What a weird system.
  7. Huh? I don't see glitter VPs at Saks? Why would they match the price.
  8. Ditto what everyone else has said about Saks pre-order shipping. I had a pair of shoes with a 4/15 ship date in my hands the second week of January.
  9. If your feet are 4" wide, I don't think the Pigalle will work for you. It has very low cut sides and tends to dig in.
  10. agreed; they're not as forgiving on the sides as some of the other styles - New Simples tend to work for all widths, but Pigalles and Rolandos I find to be better for narrower feet
  11. pigalles are definitely not for wider feet (imo), i have narrow feet and they are pushing it on me a bit :/

    i pre-ordered studded vps late june (i think) and they were set to ship in october, i got them in july. just fyi.
  12. i have the pink glitter RON RONS (from they are such an attention grabber! i stole my bf's thunder on his birthday ebcause everyone was memorized by my glitters lol. as far as saks...depends which shoes comes out first, they might ship separately...but u can cancel it before they ship it (order or pre-order) also if u sign up for emails for the first time, they give u a 10% discount code (Works on all online items)...takes about two days to email the code to u
  13. Robyn - welcome and what two gorgeous shoes to be deciding between! I would agree with the rest about the pigalles, I have fairly narrow feet and even for me they are sometimes painful. The Declics are such a fun, girly color!
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