First Classique SEAFOAM '04 - BIN $1350

  1. mommy I....this is a fake bag...

    the bales are rectangular

    the stamp is B - it should be C
  2. :wtf: :wtf: I CAN'T believe the seller of this fake!!!! It's so damn expensive and she sounds all scary and demanding but yet the :throwup: SQAURE bale just gave everything away! DO NOT BID!! :mad:
  3. hmm seller said she bought this from another ebayer - maybe she doesn't know (poor girl)? or maybe she found out and tries to resell it to other innocent buyers...
  4. The bales are square and the tag doesn't look right...
  5. OMG ... OMG ... :wtf: !!! I need to put on my glasses :wtf: :sad: :yucky: - I'm soooooooo sorry ladies :shame:

    Dearest mods . . . could you please move this thread to the 'Fakes' :s ??!!!!
  6. I reported this already to eBay... what really gets me are the fake bags WITH HIGH PRICES, i mean all fakes are bad, but at least the really cheap fake bags are obvious to all except the newest newbies.. speaking of which, aren't there MUCH less fake bBags on eBay? Of the 179.99 variety?
  7. This is so wrong! I really hope no one buys it!