First classic flap...decision help


Jul 11, 2014
I got my GST a couple of months ago, and already thinking about my second chanel, which is a timeless classic flap.

Of course, struggling about the size as most people do, whether m/l or jumbo. I am more into a Jumbo, as I will use it as a everyday bag. M/L seems more like an evening bag.

Now it's about the leather and color. I really like the look and the softness of lambskin, however, it seems very annoying to baby a big bag like jumbo. Any advice? should i go for Caviar? will the lambskin become flat after using it? an email from my SA regarding the seasonal colors, there are a couple of them I am interested in 1) Charcoal gray 2) Black with vintage silver hardware.
Should I go for standard black with silver hardware for my first flap? or a seasonal color?

Tough decision. Any advice?


Jul 16, 2014
If you REALLY LOVEE the seasonal colour, go ahead and get it since you won't see it again.
In my opinion, I would go with the classic black as your first flap though. You really can't go wrong with black and I feel like every woman needs a black flap in their closet. I also think the black would be much more versatile than a seasonal colour. Hope my opinion helps in your decision making :P


Oct 20, 2009
Jumbo is a great flap! It goes from day to night! I love black bags 'cause I wear colourful clothes. You can't go wrong with black! If you love an seasonal colour go for it, you can get a black flap later. I'm afraid of colour transfer, so another reason for black for everyday. The caviar is much better for everyday use it's very durable. I would choose lambskin for an evening bag.


Jan 9, 2012
I'm having a similar dilemma myself. I was at a Chanel in Saks yesterday, and I was surprised about how much I liked the lambskin products, which I've ruled out in the past because I do not baby bags, and how little I liked the caviar flaps. I'm not a huge fan of black, and I'm not sure having the choice of just black or beige is enough to convince me to buy. The SA gave me a caviar Maxi to test out and the caviar looked and sounded like plastic. I was surprised at how much I dislike it because I love my GST.

A gray jumbo sounds amazing. I wish my SA had given me that option; I would love, love a gray jumbo.


Jul 11, 2014
I have seen pictures of some pre-owned bags, the lambskin look a bit flat to me, similar to reissue. Does the lambskin become flat, not as pillowy later after using the bag for some time?
May 16, 2014
If the seasonal colors make your heart flutter, you should go with seasonal ones rather than black. It is true that black is classic and versatile and great and everything, but why do you care about what other say? It is you that is going to carry the bag and so the bag should please you rather than others.
There is also a strong sense of urgency in purchasing seasonal items. Once it's gone, it's gone.
Go with what makes your heart flutter and enjoy it!


May 30, 2012
Chicago, IL
Sooooo -- I think that you should definitely get the Jumbo, because it sounds like that's what you're inclined towards.

As far as the leather - I have them both -- Honestly, I don't really baby my lambskin more than the caviar. I don't even think that I've experienced the puffs going flat. I personally prefer caviar because one could probably run it over with a Mack Truck and nothing would happen, but that isn't to say that lambskin is a lot less durable with what you're going to use it for. I WILL say that I tend to avoid using the lamb when it's raining … I feel like I'm not helping here. I love them both, prefer caviar, in sum.

As far as color - if you love the seasonal, then do it! You won't see it again. I think the black is the most "classic" color, but it's always available (or you can get on a wait list and one day it will become available).

Anyway -- hope this helps. What a fun time!!


Feb 1, 2014
I have jumbo lambskin as an everyday bag..been using it for a while. It's not as sensitive as people say it is. My first Chanel was a 226 black distressed (first love n fav from all the bags) and then I went the usual caviar route. Until I got the lambskin... HEAVEN.

Good luck deciding.


Jan 1, 2013
I have the black jumbo caviar with GHW and I love it. I too tossed up between jumbo and M/L, but ended up going with the jumbo. Having said that, I'm now thinking about getting the M/L in lambskin!

I think black would be a good first option, it's probably the most timeless and useful. The best thing you can do is go to the boutique and try all the options on, when you try the right one you will just know :smile:

Le Lion

Jul 28, 2013
I really know your Problem! :smile:

I have decided for a black Jumbo caviar but sometimes I wished I had choosen lambskin, because my caviar looks dull. But sometimes, I like that. Hard desicion.

I think it depends on the weather you life in, here in Germany we have a lot of rain and cold, so I decided against lamb.


Mar 28, 2012
If bag is for daily use go for caviar. if for evening, special occasions,not constant use lamb skin. When deciding on color don't forget to take into account your skin tone. Not everyone can wear black well, black is terrible on me and when buying my classic I tried on the black and the navy, the navy looked so much better. I know it may seem weird to consider skin tone as the bag is not to your face but it really makes a difference. Try both on and you will see what works best for you. Good luck with your decision.


LovEmAll @dailyloves
Aug 28, 2014
Washington DC
If you are going to use it for every day, I would go for caviar. Having said that, you have a GST so if you want variety in your collection, lambskin is not a bad option.

I got a GST for my first purchase and then a lambskin (or calfskin - still not sure and the SA wasn't sure either) coco loop for my second purchase.

Either can't go wrong =)


Nov 9, 2012
go iconic Chanel: classic black lambskin gold hardware. timeless! M/L is safe you can use for evening or day.