First Class International Vs. Global Priority

  1. What is the difference between sending something first class international vs. global priority? Is there a huge price difference? Does global priority have insurance & tracking? I don't sell things on eBay, only buy.

    I paid to have something shipped global priority ($17) but when it arrived, the package was stamped first class international (postage was about $5).
  2. I don't think you can send anything over 4 lbs with 1st class international and tracking, speed of delivery and safety are all better with priority. I'd be rather miffed if I paid for priority and received something via 1st class international.

    Here's a link to the different international mailing options from the US Postal Service site:
  3. I'm in the US, and whenever I send something through the postal service I send it global express. The post office here changed its services earlier this year and the only way they provide tracking now internationally is by using global express.
  4. Global Express is definitely the way to go and it usually is only a couple bucks more than Global Priority - Better handle time and tracking - Priority flat rate is $35.15 and can get Express for about $40...and it is 5 day handle time as opposed to 6-10.
  5. Thanks for your responses and I was quite miffed when I received the package. I am waiting to hear back from the seller to see what she says.
  6. First Class also doesn't allow the item to be insured.
  7. I hate when people do that! If you advertise and charge global then you should ship it global!

    By the way....for those of you who ship express, what boxes do you use? I went to my P.O. the other day,they only had one size express box. Can you use your own boxes?
  8. I heard back from the seller and she refunded what I had asked for ($10).

  9. You can ship in ANY of the USPS boxes. The newer ones that are now available free online include the phrase express. That is the one thing that changed with the PO that I am thrilled about. Before you couldn't ship international in a Priority box. Now they have combined the two and you can use them!! :yahoo:
  10. I had mine packed in a priority mailer, and wanted to ship it express and my postal lady made me change boxes! I will have to look into this further, the box said international. I go to my small town post office, and they don't always know all the answers.