First, City, or work??

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart: which one would you recommend???...
  2. i'd recommend all 3 ^^ :tender:
  3. EKKK ^_^~ hahahahah... one at a time... haha *_*~~~ i want one of them but just the sizes worry me!
  4. I would recommed the city size. I think it is a perfect size not too huge but you can still fit a ton in it.
  5. You're so not helping her... :roflmfao:
  6. I think eventually you'll end up with at least both the First and the City. The First is great for the evenings and the City is great for an everyday bag.
  7. yah, I need a bag for more everyday... goto work and such!
  8. ITA! I only have one Bbag, and it's a City. I use it for day/work only - it's too big for going out IMHO, so I tend to use my Chanel and LVs for that since they're smaller.
  9. Then either a City or a Work then depending on how much you put into your bag.
  10. the b-bag doctor prescribes the city ^^ :wlae:
  11. i love my first. i can use it day to night! =) it's the perfect size for me
  12. ^^I agree 100%. I think the city is the best b-bag size. But I love my classique for evenings!
  13. I would go with the city. I think it is the perfect size. Also it is lightweight but holds a lot of things without appearing crammed.
  14. I love the city!
  15. I prefer the work. It has lots of extra room if you need it, but if you don't, the bag is slouchy enough so it doesn't look too overwhelming.