First Chloe

  1. OMG!!!!! I did it, I ordered a new bag, yes, I am guilty as charged and soooo excited. Tell me what you think. Patent leather in Plum color. I know, I am on purse restriction until next year self-imposed, but I won't be getting this bag until October so early new years present . Ha! My husband is going to have a stroke. I wanted something different, I am tired of black and brown bags, I wanted a new color and I found it finally, I have been looking and looking. :nuts: [​IMG]
  2. yey!!! you did it!! Congrat!! It looks fabulous and patent is so big for this coming fall.My advice is don't go purse restrict too much. I have done it before and had a major purse binge lol..
  3. what a gorgeous bag.
    Its going to be a looooong wait for this baby :biggrin:
  4. Purseloco

    That looks amazing well done - I'm sure there will be a rush of orders now after seeing how gorgeous a colour it is..

    Enjoy when it comes and remember the pics!
  5. Thanks Guys!! I can't wait, but I think that this bag is worth the wait. I called my boss after I ordered it to tell her I wanted some extra shifts to pay for it. :supacool:
  6. i love the Betty, that color is so beautiful.
  7. LOVELY color!!! I can't wait to see your pic!! :smile:
  8. That colour is amazing :love: . I really wasn't a fan of the Betty but it looks fantastic in this colour. I'm a convert!
  9. This color is simply perfection. Congrats! Please post pics when you get her. I'm curious to see it on a person in different lighting!
  10. So nice - but it looks black on my monitor. Does it have a plum understone? I love Betty in the darker colors.
  11. Love the bag and love the color :yahoo:

  12. That bag is soooo pretty. I bet it'll look better in person! Don't forget to take photos!
  13. Yes, It is described as being Dark,brown, purple. (Raisin) color, but when you order the color it is called plum. :yes:
  14. beautiful! i think it's one of the nicest chloes i've ever seen. the stitching is so gorgeous. i would love to see this bag IRL. happy for you, sad for your hubby!
  15. Love this color! Congratulations you found "her"!