First Chloe purchase! WHOA adrenaline!

  1. I just snagged this! an incredible sale price, but still way way over my student budget. can i call it an early 30th bday present to myself?

    I'm a little nervous b/c this bag popped up online a few weeks ago so this may be a return... and after reading about some of your problems with NM, i'm trying not to get too excited (not doing well there ;)! i'm actually thinking it may be a return from one of you all :p
  2. Congrats anyways...a new Chloe bag is always cause for celebration.....I hope it turns out to be perfect!
  3. Happy 30th! You deserve it! Sure hope it is what you are expecting. Please let us know.
    Good Luck!
  4. Congrats! That's a great price too! :smile: Hope it turns out to be perfect!
  5. i love this bag! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
  6. Happy 30th!!!! Its a great birthday and age!!! And that Edith is the best way to start your 30s!!! It is such a fabulous bag, CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. Happy 30th and congrats on the great bag & amazing deal:woohoo::woohoo:
  8. Happy birthday to you! I hope your bag is perfect!:heart:
  9. thanks, everyone! i'll be sure to update you all when it arrives!

    whenever i think of Chloe, right after i think about the gorgeousness of the designs, i think about something that Jim Carrey said that I read in USWeekly. He said something to the effect of... after so many years on the planet, he still had a lot to learn about women, but that he had most definitely come to conclusion that women LOVE Chloe bags! lucky jenny mccarthy!

    i'm sure you all would agree and even if i return the bag, i think i'm going to feel a little starstruck/in love for the moments i'm parading around my house in it!
  10. Congrats & happy birthday. =)
  11. Gorgeous bag and great price too! Happy Birthday!!! :balloon:
  12. yep, really hope its the perfect bag for you :smile:

    let us know as soon as it arrives :smile:
  13. oh, girl. congrats! she is lovely!
  14. It's a great bag, hope you'll like it :yes: