First Chloe Post....with Pics!

  1. Hi Girls! This is my first Chloe post...and I have a need your opinions!

    I was shopping at Nordies tonight, I only intended on window shopping...and I come across the purse section, of course. Like I always do, I go to the Chloe section and admire the Paddies...I always think they're gorgeous, but a bit too heavy and expensive for me, that's why I never thought about buying a Chloe. I have a really limited knowledge of this brand, just occasionally I go and admire the bags at the shop and come to this forum to look at your purses. :smile:

    Now...I walk over to the sale section...and I got attracted by the color and leather of this bag. I had didn't really know what this bag was called, but thought that it could be a silverado. (I confirmed it on the purse forum, hehe, as usual, tpf never fails when it comes to purse knowledge), This bag is really different from the other bags I just looks kinda cool. Then the more I looked/felt it, the more I wanted this bag. (It also didn't help that my SO kept saying, "it is really a nice bag..., it's such a nice color too." he's really not the cautious spender. ) It was a really good deal too! Marked down from $3460 to $1380. I have never spent more than $1k on a purse...but I don't know if it's the soft anaconda leather, or that it was 60% off, I couldn't resist. The SA kept saying, "you should take it home and think about it, if you don't like it, you can always bring it back." I was convinced to get it. It was such an impule buy! I'm so bad...

    Now, the question is, do you girls think I should keep it? Do you like it... and is it too casual of a bag to have in anaconda? I saw somewhere that this will be it still a good buy? Or....should I save the money and get myself a Chanel Reissue? (i know...totally different bag...but I can't afford both. :p )
    DSC00694.JPG DSC00696.JPG DSC00699.JPG
  2. I think if you have bought it as it was a bargain then that was the wrong thing to do! My feelings on bags is that you should only buy what you would have at full price (the fact that its on sale should just be the icing on the cake)

    If you trully love it then keep it but I guess you need to decide what you would want most - this or the Channel

    Good luck with your choices - always difficult!
  3. I'd buy a chanel reissue instead or a chloe betty
  4. :p I'll choose Chanel reissue instead....
  5. If you don't love it, take it back. Its a pretty bag but I think the Chanel is a bag you'll use forever.
  6. Personally I would buy the chanel re-issue as well. That is a classic. My take is that if you are having second thoughts about this bag, then well, stick with the original plan!
  7. Wow I'm tPF'er who wants it all!! This bag will be discontinued and snake skin is soooo cool. Here's how I see it. This bag is fabulous for three seasons (hell really four). Does it look great on you? Can't you see this Silverado with your cool, cotton Summer dresses?

    The Chanel bag? Is this a classic style bag your debating (aren't all Chanel's)? Can you pick it up another time? Get my point.

    This Silverado has an awesome twist to the classic tote. Do you own a tote?:s
  8. What a beautiful bag! I'd definitely keep this, I really don't see it going out of style and you definitely can't beat the price! Reissues will always be here so you can get it anytime.
  9. Gingerfarm,
    Which Nordies did you go to, the one in SF Centre? I didn't know they had Chloe's there?!! :shrugs:
  10. Nice!!!
    I like it!

    If you like it and the BF like it, then it's a winner. I have found guys don't really go for Chanel (at least the ones I know). They think of it as their mother's bag. This Chloe is awesome!
  11. I have four Chloe paddys, but I have just been bitten by the Chanel bug. I would recommend that you go and try on the reissue if you can, I was surprised by how much I liked this style in person.
  12. gingerfarm,
    I have this bag in brown, the anaconda is beautiful and soft! If you love it keep it, amazing price! The Chanel will always be available ..... get it later.
    Yes, I was told Silverado is done!
  13. If you are not INLOVE return it....I don't think you should spend that much money on a bag you are not GAGAGOOGOO over!
  14. You need to return it if you don't love it. You're the one who has to use it, not us. I had a tendency to buy things when they were on sale because it was a "deal" and then return it because after a few months I realized what the heck I did.

    I personally would wait on the reissue or at least for another Chloe that you absolutely love.
  15. It really depends on what you want the bag for. The silverado is lovely & a great price and if you will use a tote bag a lot then keep it. The reissue is a fabulous & forever bag but such a different style of bag you must decide which you will use the most