First Chloe I am Keeping! Alice 2014 handbag. Reveal

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  1. This is my first Chloe bag, that I think I will definitely keep. I have purchased a paraty and marcie before, but sold or returned them as I was never 100% in love. :heart:

    The moment I saw this new style of the Husky White Alice -(Medium size and very structured) on Chloe's website, I fell in love.
    I called my local boutique and went to look. I drooled, then I searched online and found it slightly cheaper through a reputable French company. It shipped overnight form Paris, and just arrived yesterday.

    The mod pics are are all selfies so not the best.
    The bag is empty as well so thrilled to find something without the Droop/baginess of the large alice bag.




  2. Love it! Looks great! Congrats!
  3. love it with your coat...which website?
  4. Thank you!
    This is the store I purchased from In France
  5. Congrats! Is the new alice lighter than the old one?
  6. Gorgeous bag!! Looks great on you too!
  7. Thanks I love it!
    Yes this Medium 2014 Alice is lighter than the large one.
    It does not feel heavy to me at all. The bag itself weighs about 2lbs. and measures 14x11x6
  8. Great bag - congratulations!
  9. Congrats! That's a prettier version og the Alice bag! 👍😉
  10. Oh, how fun. Enjoy your new purchase.:smile:
  11. Congrats! Make sure you treat it with protective spray, especially before you take it out with anything denim on you!
  12. wow, loving this new version of medium alice!! congrats, the black/white combo has always been the most luxurious, modern looking one IMO. :biggrin:
  13. Bluedahlia, your Alice looks great on you - I'm loving the monochrome look!

    I've bought from Monnierfreres before and they are great - love their packaging! :smile:
  14. Love the black and white combo...congrats and enjoy!!
  15. I'm late for the party - congrats on your gorgeous handbag! I was admiring this exact bag today (I think, unless yours is med and I was looking at small).

    I have a few Chloe bags but am new to Alice. I was trying to understand the various sizes and SHAPES because they definitely differ but online, they are still just referred to as mini, small, med & large but obviously not the same. Thank goodness for your link - my eyes do not deceive me...there IS a north south version :smile: I take it, there is a new Alice & previous Alice? The one I saw at Holt Renfrew today rings up as Alice S shopper top handle. I like the Med & Small - both shapes - old/new!

    Chloe Alice small shopper top handle HOLTs.jpg

    Chloe med Alice carribean blue 2.jpg

    Chloe Alice s shopper like Holts.jpeg

    Chloe large Alice tote Olivia Palermo 1.jpg