first Chloe from nordstrom may be used! Opinions please!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I got my FIRST Chloe in the mail today - a black Silverado satchel. I ordered it over the phone from Nordstrom in OR, thanks to a tip from sparkledust. (Thanks, sparkledust!)

    But, there's a problem! The bag is gorgeous and looks totally new....but there's no tag on it (are there normally tags on Chloes? Maybe not? Like I said, this is my first). AND, I found a smushed-up empty lipgloss box inside, stuffed in with the packing paper! Gross!

    I think this bag may be a used customer return!

    I got a screaming deal on it....$ should I just cut and run? Should I return it? Or should I call Kathy at Nordstrom and ask her to discount it even more for me? Would she even do that?

    Help!!! Opinions please!!!
  2. Gross it is, but the bags I received from NM and BG never have any tags on, they usually are in the pocket. It's really odd that the SA wouldn't check the bag before sending it out. Call her and explain your problem.
  3. I agree with steffibp. Call the SA. She may be able to give you another discount.
  4. hi, i know this is kind of unrelated to the original post, but which Nordstrom did you order from luvmygirls? do you know if there are any other chloes still on sale? thanks!!
  5. When I bought my gorgeous choco paddy from the Walnut Creek, CA Nordies it had a nordies tag attached, but on the inside zipper. I picked it from several others for it's beautiful leather and color.

    After carrying it for a week I pulled out a barrette from the side pocket that sooo wasn't mine. Eww.

    But I was already deeply attached to the bag :love:
  6. I think you have to be careful when purchasing from any store but especially Nordstroms because they are so lienient about returns.
    I recently bought an edith from them. When I got home I noticed the leather had very light water stains and there is no Chloe tag.
    I would try to get a further mark down or see if they can locate another bag and exchange it.
  7. WTH? a barette and empty lipgloss box?! its like the SA's are taking the bags out for a night on the town and then bringing them back. OR customer return, either way...ew.

  8. Thats funny and scary at the same time:yes:. I wonder if that really happens:confused1:
  9. It was a Nordstrom in Oregon. I actually don't even know which one! But they were great - they shipped it to me for free!

    By the time I called, they had only silverados left...but it was almost a week ago. Here's the link to the original post so you can try to track some down:

  10. ITA....I don't know if I'll be able to get over it. But I will call her tomorrow and see if she'll discount it further for me - that will help ease my cognitive dissonance. :yes:
  11. I agree on the yucky factor but hey, if the bag is in great shape and you like it, got a great deal, keep it and squeeze the SA for a little consolation. I'm surprised if the tags weren't somewhere inside, but unless you are into reselling your bags, its probably not that big a deal. If you got it an Nordstrom then authenticity isn't a problem. Keep the receipt though, most buyers on ebay would be happy with that.

    I bought a Whiskey Paddy because it was on sale for $985 and it was really not a color that was on my list. I had wanted taupe or creme, but I have to say that I love it now and from reading the posts the color seems to be a favorite among the Paddy lovers. I love it even more that it was $500 under retail.
  12. Yeah I agree - call and try to get more of a discount. I think it is pathetic when the stores take back used merchandise (not just a changed my mind return) and resell it. I think if they have a lenient policy for taking stuff back, they need to eat it! not pass it on to the consumer.

    I had a problem with this with a designer clothing item, and I know the store accepted it back and put it out on the floor knowingly, even though they seemed surprised when I returned it. Thank goodness I noticed the problems at home. It just pays (what I forget at times) to look over everything when you buy it. This case, is really a bad I think.
  13. Does the bag look used? Or did someone just try it on? I admit finding the lip gloss is gross. That is what happened with one of my Balenciaga bags. :cursing: With these great deals on Chloe bags people are probably buying them then changing their minds. I admit I bought one but decided it was not for me, I never used it but I just tried putting my stuff in it to see if it fit.
  14. The Bordeaux Silverado I got from Nordies was used too, it had a white chalky substance in the pockets and dog or cat hair in there too... it was kind of gross. I took it back and asked that my shipping be refunded since I wasn't aware I was buying a used bag.
  15. OK, here's the update.

    I called Kathy this morning and told her about the used lipgloss box. She was very nice and apologized profusely.

    However, she then proceeded to give several different explanations for how the box got in there, none of them including that the the bag could possibly be a used return.

    She said (A) people often shoplift from Nordie's and then stick the packaging into the handbags so they can get away with it (WTH?!?! in DESIGNER HANDBAGS?). (B) She said the stack of packing paper for the bags sits near a trash bin, and the empty box could have just gotten mixed in with the packing somehow.

    She assured me personally that the bag had never been sold before. I did ask for an additional discount, but she didn't even address that.

    I am so non-confrontational that I just got off the phone feeling frustrated and even more unhappy. I can't believe she didn't respond to my request to discount it more. She could at least have said "I'm sorry, we don't allow that," or something like that!

    I think I will keep the does look pristine. But this experience is definitely leaving a bad taste in my mouth.