~*First Chloe..Choco or Brun Paraty?*~


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
Okay ladies...I've been asking so many questions lately about the new purchase I'd like to make and I appreciate all the help immensely!
I'm down to two colors now..after lots of calls,etc..and need just alittle bit more of a push in one direction or the other.

This is my first Chloe purchase and actually the largest bag expenditure I've ever made.. so I want to get it as right as possible..lol..if that is possible.

I'm going to get a medium paraty..but can't decide on Chocolate or Brun..
and would like your final thoughts.
I think both are beautiful...and the leather looks amazing on both.
The thing I keep thinking is since it will be the most I've paid for a bag..I want to be able to use it all the time...meaning not just random..once in awhile..because of my wardrobe etc. I have alot of black, grey, and white staples with color thrown in..alittle bit of brown's..I'm a casual dresser in that I love really nice jeans with great heels and a pop of color with a bag..or maybe nice jeans with a tee and great bag..or a great Anthro top/ sweater, boots,...and dark jeans...(I love me some great jeans..:P..can you tell? )
I don't have a great brown-ish bag right now either...
(Black is always classic but not sure I should get one)

And lastly...not sure if this matters in the scheme of color choice here but the Brun will be full price while the Chocolate will be about 400.00 less...(sometimes nice to get a bit of a deal!)

I appreciate all of your thoughts!:smile::flowers:
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Jul 21, 2009
Dont think you could go wrong with either color but ill the choose the choco...good luck..


Jan 11, 2009
3h from Paris
Are they both still available now? Colours depend on the seasons...
P.e. it's not possible to choose between camel and sand actually ( guess this might two tones as similar as chocolate and brun ), because sand is from spring 2009 and discontinued, camel is a 2010 colour and still available...
To answer your question, I'd probably prefere brun.


May 16, 2008
Choco! I think that it would be more versatile - while brun is gorgeous, choco strikes me as more of a year-around bag....

(And I am not just saying this because of the price difference - I would pick choco regardless!!!) :biggrin:
Sep 23, 2009
Personally, I think they are both beautiful colors, in their own way. I have seen them both in person side by side, and I don't know how to describe it, but the Brun just sort of made my heart jump a beat, and the Chocolate didn't. Brun is a true espresso. IMO, the Chocolate is a bit more ordinary in the sense that you can find that color on other bags more easily - it's less unique IMO.

That said, Chocolate is lighter and has more reddish undertones than the Brun (which, as I said, is a true espresso). So if you are looking for a more basic, medium brown, then Chocolate might be the best choice. It is more casual in look and will go with a lot, for sure.

Choco will probably go with warmer colors, while Brun will go with more neutral, cooler tones and browns, such as taupes, beige, grey, ivory, and of course, black. I wear it with all those colors - and I get compliments when I carry it. Sure, I am probably a bit biased, but I chose Brun over Choco when I saw them both together and just wanted to give the reasons why I did. :flowers: But you could not go wrong with either, they just serve different purposes, really!

Decisions, decisions!!
Nov 7, 2007
based on the price difference and the colors you have stated that you wear often I would think that chocolate would co-ordinate better than the brun... both however would be equally as pretty I am sure - and I can understand your dilemma... Good luck deciding.