First Chloe Addition!

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  1. Ok, ladies! I ended up caving and getting one of the Edith F/W 2006 permutations. I'm not quite sure what this style is called, calls it a "satchel" but that doesn't seem like the right description...

    I love the leather--it's smooshy, soft and will age beautifully. The GIANT zipper pull tab is just darling. My lovely COSMETICS, yes COSMETICS, SA pulled a brand-new bag from the back for me. So I'm hopefully one of the very few to have fondled this beauty! :wlae:

    I thought about waiting for the Edith Shopper, but I can't find any info about when it'll be available and whether or not it'll even be made in this gorgeous whiskey color. Regardless, at this point, I'm in love and I'm just going to wait for the weekend before I cut the tags. Just want to make sure it's not an impulse buy :P

    Oh and yes! The handles do fit on my shoulder. And I don't have skinny little twig arms. But I probably wouldn't be able to get it on my shoulder with a thick coat--luckily I'm in Cali :smile: It looks great on the crook of the arm too!
  2. Wicked, that is one beautiful bag. Do the handles fit over your shoulder? I can't tell from the photos.
  3. Dang, that's one rockin' bag!! Congrats! Absolutely stunning.
  4. I tried that bag on in NM and thought it was adorable!! Great purchase & color. I love whiskey!
  5. The color is gorgeous and I am sure it looks darling on you and that's all that matters!!
  6. Wicked, congrats! =)
    Chloe uses very yummy leather -- thick, distressed, and soft; it gets better over time. Whiskey is a very rich color, it is a great addition to your stunning collection. =)
  7. Aww thanks! I am going to check out all the bags out there online and at the mall this weekend. But I think this will be a keeper. My collection is mostly darker colored bags and more "formal" styles. I think this could be a great bag that will look "vintage" as time goes on....
  8. Congrats!!! It looks fabulous even though I'm not too fond of it but it looks much better on your pics than it does on the stock pics!! Enjoy! I just love Chloe leather!
  9. Congrats, wickedassin! Enjoy carrying your first (and hopefully, not last) Chloe bag around...Chloe bags are so addictive!!!
  10. Give this bag some time, checking out other bags (before deciding if she's a keeper) in person sounds good. =)

    Chloe's leather for Paddington line (assuming this is the same) is thick/soft, it holds up very well. My good friend & her sister said their Paddies took lots of abuse (no problems in the rain). LOL. You don't have to baby it like other leather bags.
  11. Congrats wickedassin! Your new bag is beautiful! I love the style and color. The pics were lovely~ :heart:
  12. That is one beautiful bag. Enjoy her!
  13. I love it. The stock photos really don't do the bag justice.
  14. Congrats, wicked!
  15. Awesome bag - I love the color!!! I am going to be on the lookout for you carrying your Edith around SD.