First Chanel

  1. Hi All,

    I purchased my first Chanel this afternoon. The lady who sold me the bag called it the baguette (I thought it was called the east-west). Since it was on hold and i didnt wan't to risk loosing it I bought it without really looking at their other stock.

    Also, i asked whether the chain has little clips to modify the length (which I though was standard with all classic flap bags). She said she had never heard of a classic flap that had this. Is this right?

    Many thanks :smile:
  2. yes the baguette (otherwise known as east west, or pochette) has a little clip to modify the length :yes:

  3. Thanks - i cant find the clip though plus the SA said it does not have this option.
  4. Unless you have a different style bag, or they've changed it, the strap was adjustable in the older models...

    Come to think of it i have seen a baguette that looked slightly different to the east west.

    The east-west that has adjustable straps looks like this:

    The adjustable chain & hook looks like this:

    credit: Glistenpearls from the australian vogue forum.
  5. Congratulations on your first Chanel! :wlae::wlae:
  6. I found it!! Thanks so much Frayed_Misfit!! The SA didn't even know that some of the bags come with strap adjustable clips and when i asked her she looked confused.
  7. Congratulations! Post pics! We're a ravenous crowd.
  8. lol yes pics please! and congrats on the new bag =)
  9. yay fantastic! can't wait for the pics!