First Chanel

  1. Hi,

    I love purses!!! Currently, all I have in my collection is mostly LV, Burberry and Coach. I'm looking into getting a Chanel. Anyone have any suggestions? If you have any pics, please post them. Any pics, comments is much appreciated. I'm so excited. This will be my very first Chanel purse. =D
  2. Are you looking for a casual everyday bag? A work bag? An evening bag?

    Do you prefer shoulder bags, or handheld?
  3. check out Chanel's sub forum, it's great! So many wonderful TPFers share valueable info, such ask SKU#, name, purchase price, as well as visual aid.
  4. ^Welcome! Yes, you should definitely check out the Reference Library for pictures and info on the many different Chanel styles.
  5. Thanks all for the info. I'm looking for something casual that I can use everyday. Shoulder bag would be a good start. :yes: