First Chanel!


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Hi Ladies!
I've been a long time lurker in this forum but I can officially post since I got my first and second Chanel purchase this month (considering it's my birthday month, I've spoiled myself). I just placed an order for a Chanel Classic Flap GoldHardware from ShortHill, NJ. It will get here by Friday per SA! I'm super excited. I needed a wallet to go w/ this bag so I bought one off from ebay from a reputable seller. I got one already, so I'm extra excited!!!

BTW, I have a question. I went to Boston Chanel and the price they quoted was different than the one New Jersey offered. Do you ladies know if the price varies from state to state? Ive always thought it varied by different country.

Thank you!


Apr 15, 2008
Happy birthday and congrats on the purchases! Prices should vary by country and not amongst US states. Hawaii's prices may be different but I'm not familiar with that.

I can think of a few possibilities that explain the discrepancy: It may be that the SA made a mistake; s/he may have been mistaken as to the size of the bag you were referring to; shipping costs (if included) may have been different; or one of the bags may be tagged at the 'old' price before the Feb increase.


Giddy up!
Jun 9, 2009
Happy Birthday Bloomie08! As nighteyes stated above, the prices shouldn't be different within the states. So perhaps the SA made a booboo or something. Congrats on your Chanel purchases! And be sure to post some pictures so we may Ooo and ahhh! :biggrin:


May 5, 2008
congrats on your first chanel!! i don't think the prices are different among boutiques. ahh.... i miss boston's shopping and cheaper tax rate.


Oct 24, 2008
Congrats!!! The only difference I could think of would be tax differences (like doesn't New Jersey not charge taxes on goods??)