First Chanel..

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  1. Hi I'm looking to get my first chanel and wanted some input!

    I'm thinking about skipping the basic black and getting a white chanel classic flap in the medium size with silver hardware. For light colored chanel bags, is caviar or lambskin preferred?

    Also I was debating either the bijoux strap or the classic regular strap.

    I'm 27 if that makes any difference.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. caviar, hands down!!!

    It is really hard to maintain light color lambskin flaps, especially if this will be your first Chanel for a while, you will probably wear it a lot :smile:
  3. ^ i agree with the thought of caviar. and a light colored bag (particularly white) is all about maintenance... such as you cant let it make contact with your jeans, as the bag will turn Blue (color transfer). and i've had my white GST sent back to have it re-dyed, and they cant do it... it never comes out. A white bag may be beautiful... but also may not be the best 1st option. Maybe the "new" chanel beige? also very pretty, and light in color. Just my thoughts...

  4. nooo with white i would be too scared to use it, if you don't want black what about a colour, the red chanels are gorgeous

  5. Thanks ladies, maybe I'll just go with the black caviar.. and get the white later. I am worried about taking care of a white bag. Thanks!
  6. I'd get black no white very difficult to maintain it's color.. I know it would be for me due to jeans and lots of dark or colored clothing I own. I'd be too worried of color transferring onto the bag.
  7. bijoux chain was launched in 07 only and that's hard to find now.
  8. If you want a lighter colored bag but not white, you can try beige also since it's still a neutral color. Also, if you're going with black - I personally think you can get caviar or lambskin (which ever texture you prefer).

    I think the classic chain would look good with black and beige. The bijoux would look good with the white. Good luck!

    P.S. My first chanel was white~ A white caviar timeless clutch. I love it! =)
  9. definetely caviar! lambskin is much more delicate and may require extra care (especially in a light color)...lighter colors are more prone to color transfer
  10. How about a navy chanel? I think Navy is so classic but just a little more exciting then black and still timeless and easy to keep clean :biggrin:
  11. if you MUST a white, then MUST caviar... on the other hand, when i think of black, only chanel (flap) pops into mind. its THE black bag to have. absolutely timeless.
  12. wow white, u are brave; make it white in caviar then to be safe :smile:

    enjoy ur new bag
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    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    I love white bags, I really do, I have Tod's, Dior and Chanel whites, but they hardly go out the house and if I plan to take one I will have to consider my wardrobes as it won't be containing jeans or any black material that might stain it, sometime even the sourranding can turn your beautiful whites to grey or yellow! I have a white drill flap it got all dirty so easily lol I hardly use it anymore, it is better to stick with colors or black than having white.

    I've seen classic in Navy, Blue and Red at the boutique, all three colors are so beautiful and comes in caviar.