First Chanel

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  1. I have a Birkin which I use most every day, a Kelly (hardly ever use), lots of LV's, Diors, etc but no Chanel.

    My husband bought early Valentine's gift & got me the metallic symbol small bag & wallet in silver. It's too much for me & I am not really sure I like them in black either.

    So he doesn't care if I exchange. I was at NM yesterday & saw 3 bags I like that range from $1795 to $2695 and I am having hard time making a decision or even knowing if there may somethine else I would like.

    Definitely black with silver.

    I saw Le Marais $1795 in black - like the texture & softness but no back pocket

    Next Classic Tote in Black with Silver $2125 but need to be waitlisted. They with gold or white with silver but I want black with silver. It seems lot a heavy bag.

    Lastly saw Large 255 in Black Style 35656 for $2695. Also saw smaller one with double flap but did not like that.

    Want something mostly for day but that I could use at night that can be used by hand or on shoulder. I like traditional but am also funky but don't want the boxy totes or slouchy bags.

    Any suggestions.

  2. Hi! Which store in Dallas did you visit? Downtown?