first chanel

  1. hi i just recently got into chanel and with all the sales going on now it seemed like the perfect time to get one! :angel: lol i really like the one in this pic can anyone tell me what its called or how much it costs? TIA
  2. that's the small messenger pouchette, I think it's around $805 maybe? If that's the retail, the sale would be around $530ish at Neimans, if you want the black pictured above.
  3. thanks! is the black on sale as well?? i thought i heard somewhere that the black was excluded?
  4. I think the only ones that are on sale are the pink and beige cambons.
  5. ok thanks thats what i thought i was actually thinking about the beige anyway so that works out... Does anyone have this bag? and can you give me some sort of idea of what can fit in it? I'm going to try to go to shorthills tomorrow but i dont know if i will make it
  6. I was looking at that bag, but it is seriously waay too small for everyday and i barely carry anything! for $50 more you can get the pochette and that's what I did. I also have the medium messenger in that style which is a lot more practical. Think of the small messenger size as one of those camera cases that you can sling over your shoulder, b/c that's pretty much what it is. It is cute though, but for the price, get something a little bigger IMO.
  7. That's a cute bag! A great one for a "first"!
  8. ok i normally dont carry a lot but occasionally i do and running all over campus its nice to have something to throw stuff in so your probably right... i really wanted something in the messenger style is the medium messenger a lot bigger? or does someone know where i can find a picture? :flowers::flowers: thanks
  9. lol hopefully a first of many :graucho: although my wallet won't be glad to hear that :angel:
  10. the medium messenger is A LOT bigger. its about the size of two pochettes stacked on eachother?

    here is a pic of mine.

    inside it has an open pocket, a zippered pocket and a pocket for your cell phone, in addition to the small pocket on the back of the bag and the large inner compartment. i use mine all the time for just going around the campus and shopping. :flowers:

    the smaller version fit my cell, my cc holder and my keys and that was about it before it started to look bulky. you should go in and take the things you normally carry to see if the bag suits your needs. hth
    ef2512b0.jpeg ef2512f5.jpeg
  11. thanks so much blushingbaby at least i know the medium is practical! i am hoping to get there tomorrow, do you mind if i ask how much the medium messanger was?
  12. i paid $1175CDN + tax...i think its around $995ish USD? don't quote me on that though! haha
  13. oh thats not that much price difference from the really tiny one then i think i will go with the medium! Thanks for all ur help!
  14. only NM has the black on sale + every other cambon color and Saks is ONLY doing pink and khaki.
  15. oh thanks! i didnt know that! lol maybe i will stop there first tomorrow then! Thanks a lot lol this forum is great everyone knows sooo much :heart: