First Chanel

  1. Im just curious on what do you guys think is the best to get for first chanel purse and why..
  2. It honestly depends on what your budget is and what you plan on using it for.

    Do you want a daily user bag that you can take shopping or do you want more of a dressy bag that you'd take on a night out?

    The GST is always a lovely choice. I'm also biased and partial towards the baby cabas. :biggrin:
  3. Classic for sure!

    I bought a PST and I ADORE IT but I had to get a classic one too.
    They are amazing!
  4. It depends on your taste. Do you like fun trendy bags, or more classic and structured bags?
  5. IMHO i think every girl's first chanel should be something timeless and classic, for example: a classic flap/reissue (if you like flap bag) or a GST/PST/Cerf tote (if you like tote styles). Why? Because even if your 1st chanel should be your last, you know its something that will never go out of style!
  6. ^^
    I agree with nightshade. The first is always special so since it'll be something you'll want to keep forever - the classics are a safe bet as they'll truly never ever go out of style.

    I'm pretty new to Chanel, but now that I have a few classics I've recently decided that I'm ready for something from one of Chanel's non-classic lignes. :biggrin:
  7. Thank you for all the suggestions. I kinda prefer on getting the classic style. Still undecided on what to get though...
  8. ^I'd go for the GST then. It's a great daily wear bag, is nicely structured, and to me is timeless. I love it in brown and black.
  9. I think a classic flap is a great first bag-and second bag and third!I love a bag that I can carry now and 10 years from now!