First Chanel x 3!!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466820864.016178.jpg

    Just want to share the start of my Chanel collection with the lovely Chanel fans in this forum.

    I've been an admirer of Chanel since high school, but practicality stopped me back then from pursuing my dream bag, the Chanel classic flap. Looking back, wish I had purchased it back then when the hardware was still made of gold and prices were relatively cheaper than now.

    No matter how much I indulge myself in more affordable alternatives (Burberry, Kate spade etc), I cannot get Chanel off my mind.. So I decided that for my 30th year, I was going to make my dreams come true by purchasing first Chanel on my first European trip.

    I've wanted the Classic flap in black and GHW, just undecided between caviar or lambskin. On my first stop in London, I made my way to The Bond Street store, and purchased my jumbo. It was love at first sight! I've been using her for a few weeks now since I got back and I just keep falling in love more and more.

    Second purse is courtesy of my lovely BF, who bought this Burgandy caviar flap from the cruise'16 collection when I dragged him to the flagship store in Rue Cambon in Paris, our next stop. I was merely looking for a wallet or card case to take as souvenir from this memorable store when my lovely SA started showing me the smaller bags in their current collection. My BF chimed in that I can take my pick and he'll buy it for me for this milestone birthday. I was ecstatic but fairly cautious not to have him spend so much money as he was also funding his mom's home renovation (sweetest guy!). I was testing the waters on the WOCs. I've always thought I wanted one. But when I got to them, they really don't hold as much and for the price, I didn't think it was worth it. My SA showed me this gorgeous caviar flap in burgundy and GHW and I was hooked. I showed both the WOC and the small flap bag to my BF to ask him which one I should take, indirectly asking his permission price-wise. He said he doesn't mind the price but his only condition was that I have to love what I'm getting.. Problem solved, we went home with the burgundy flap.

    The thirds piece, I purchased through the Chanel duty free store in Heathrow T5 on my layover from Rome to Los Angeles. I wanted a Chanel SLG and took advantage of the price being cheaper there than if I buy it stateside. I was looking for a caviar version of what I bought. But I figured if I buy the lambskin now, I can see how it holds up over time, in case I plan to by a Chanel lambskin bag in the future.

    Sorry for the long post. [emoji4] if you read through the entirety of it, thank you and I hope you like the photos! Cheers! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466822023.397754.jpg



  2. Such a sweet bf!! My hubbs was only willing to sponsor part of the price for my 30th[emoji23][emoji23]
  3. CONGRATS on your purchases!! You picked fantastic pieces! My first Chanel classic was a black jumbo with gold hardware too. It is such a timeless piece and such a staple to have in a Chanel collection. How special to have acquired your first Chanel pieces in Europe! They will definitely hold wonderful memories from your trip. Enjoy each piece and wear them well!! :smile:
  4. Such a sweet BF. Enjoy all of your new beauties. Enjoy!!!
  5. Thank you! Hahah really? Maybe show him my post as a hint for your next big bday? [emoji4]

    It was definitely a splurge for him. He's very thrifty. But we agreed that purse will be my Xmas gift as well.
  6. Thank you! Agree on the jumbo. It is so beautiful I just find myself staring at it for no reason haha!

    Yes, shopping for these designer pieces are so enjoyable in Europe, and also I saved quite some money with the VAT refund as well.

    Planning on just holding off any major Handbag purchase until I go to Europe again soon.
  7. Thank you so much [emoji4]
  8. Thanks for sharing the beginning of your Chanel story and beautiful pictures of them. You got started with quite a classic pieces, love it!!!:loveeyes::loveeyes: Congratulations on scoring these gems:happydance: And belated happy birthday!!!
  9. Love your goodies especially the filigree bag, congrats!
  10. Thank you ! Happy to contribute to this tpf community [emoji4]
  11. Thank you! Is that what the bag is called? Thanks for letting me know. [emoji4] I don't think the SA mentioned it..
  12. Thanks for sharing your first Chanel story! It sounds like it was a wonderful trip and you will always remember these special pieces from your trip. Your BF sounds very sweet as well. Congratulations!
  13. Aww what a sweet bf you have! Happy 30th and congrats on your purchases! All beautiful pieces!! I want to add a filigree to my collection too but have yet to see it in person. Love that it's crossbody but more practical than a woc. Enjoy and your new babies!
  14. I love reading stories and happy to read through yours. Happy belated birthday and what gorgeous pieces that you scored, particularly that burgundy flap. The black jumbo is beautiful and classic too.
  15. Great choices that you picked up. I also really love the filigree bag and didn't know it came in this burgundy color. Congrats on your purchases!!!
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