First Chanel (WOC) advice needed


Aug 8, 2009
Hello, I’m about to purchase my first Chanel, and want the classic caviar with silver hardware, but then saw a picture for the upcoming 21c collection that I also love - black woc with black hardware. Any advice on which I should get? I’m torn!




Sep 5, 2014
I loved the Classic I had (black caviar/gold hw) but the newer styles with the adjustable strap pearl crush ball are the ones I really, really want now. Been trying to locate a black & gold pearl crush WOC, but so little stock is sent to my country and I think they were grabbed up fast by the VIPs. It is a seasonal style so I don't know when I'll see black & gold combo ever again.

The turnlock closure on the pearl crush WOC will also secure the flap better, if you plan on filling up the WOC to max capacity. :smile: The only downside if you're set on caviar, is that the pearl crushes have thus far only come in lambskin and velvet.

I should also add: the caviar is a thicker, sturdier leather, so if you intend to fill your WOC with heavier items then maybe classic caviar is the way go to.

If you really are minimal or the things you carry tend to also be light, then a full WOC in lambskin is an option. I recommend keeping lambskin versions light, because otherwise the top of the WOC will noticeably bend in a curve, from the whole thing having to hang on a thin strap. Caviar could do this too, but it's a little stiffer/more resistant to the warping.

Look for videos on how cute the adjustable strap pearl crush ball is on a slim little WOC. I love its versatility.

Sorry, I don't know very much about the black/black new style WOC for this season!
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Mar 9, 2020
Some people have no issue with so black hardware and some people say it chips like crazy. I don't know you or your way of thinking but I wouldn't dare take that risk. If you are planning on wearing the woc a lot, I would fear chipping even more.

It unfortunatly isn't in my character to be mindfull with my bags and want my bags to keep up with my lifestyle instead of me taking care of the bag. In my case that excludes lamb, fabric, gold and black hardware. Had to learn that the hard way.
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