First Chanel Wallet =]

  1. My first chanel wallet :smile: i love the colour of this wallet its sooo pretty!!! At first I was scared of the light colour but after, got assured from tpfers that this wallet is actually very durable so I got it :smile: :yahoo:

    time to give my louis a rest now :smile:

  2. Wow! Congrats! Im so jealous...i still have yet to buy my first Chanel anything!:crybaby:
  3. So pretty! Be careful, dont get it dirty. Its beautiful. Congrats!
  4. Lovely, perfect choice! Enjoy!
  5. its soooo nice!! i actually wanted that!! do you mind if i ask how much it was?!
  6. Beautiful! I just received my long version of that same wallet (Cotton Club ligne) in black yesterday and love it. Yours is so pretty; I love how the perle color makes the distressing more subtle. I was going to get the blue to match my tote but NM didn't order the blue.

    Can I ask a silly question? My wallet says made in France; my tote is made in Italy. Where is your wallet made?
  7. Can I ask how big your last wallet was? Just wondering how much you can fit into this one. Are there 3 CC slots?
  8. congrats!! :biggrin:
  9. ^^ the wallet is 475 CDN i paid 545 included our ridiculous 14% tax. My wallet is made in Italy.
    and to Z & J i will take a picture of my old wallet and compare it with this wallet now :smile:
  10. Congrats, it's really pretty.
    What kind of leather is it? Calfskin?
  11. a transfer from my old wallet to the new. I love this chanel wallet. Before, I put my reciepts, cheques in my LV's bill compartment and its a whole mess just stuffing everything there. This wallet, although only have 3 cc slots I can put so much more stuff there. the 3 CC slots, there are actually four, with one hidden at the top. My other cards, i just put it in another compartment stacked together (its okay since i don't use those cards anyway (ie. driver's license, health card, etc). Also, this wallet has so much little compartments that i can actually organize my reciepts and cheques :smile:

    all i can say is, this is such a great wallet, with the price tag of 475 its even better :heart:

    Oh right, although i hate puting coins in my wallet, I found a place to put my tokens (bus fare) (i hate mixing my tokens with my change in my coin purse).





  12. Yes its calfskin
  13. beautiful wallet-congrats!
  14. Very gorgeous, congrats!
  15. Pretty. I have a bag in this color and it holds up quite well even though it is light.