First Chanel reveal!

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  1. I am beyond happy to show my very first Chanel eyewear. I am impressed with Chanel's craftsmanship towards their eyewears and not to mention their handbags and small leather goods. My experience was rather unpleasant, the sunglasses I was after wasn't available at the Chanel boutique therefore I had to get it from David Jones which is a reseller of Chanel eyewears too. I was planning to make my first Chanel purchase a positive experience by purchasing an item directly from Chanel boutique but the sales associate didn't even put effort into helping me locate one and rather pushed me to get tv from a reseller instead. I will never come back to that store again, but anyways here's my new sunglasses!

  2. Those are lovely. Enjoy.
  3. Stunning sunnies I just got a pair too :smile:
  4. Congrates!
  5. Does anybody know if Chanel can source an item from a different store if they happen to not have it in stock, and if they do purchase transaction over the phone and get it shipped to my address?
  6. Awesome sunnies! Congrats to you!
  7. YES chanel is able to source and item do an transaction over the phone and ship to your address. They have done this for me many times in the past..i am in nj and all of chanel bags came from Miami florida!
  8. I am so sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience... Chanel is not exactly known from their outstanding customer service...not even close :sad:
  9. Beautiful:smile:) congrats
  10. Congrats on you beautiful sunnies!
    I have the same pair in brown, hope you enjoy them as much as i do 😊
  11. Congrats on your sunnies!!!!
  12. Looking good.
  13. Congrats on your first Chanel, and so sorry you didn't have the best experience at Chanel. On the good side, you now have a great source of Chanel eye wear that you can now rely on. Your glasses are lovely.
  14. Nice sunnies.
  15. Gorgeous!