First Chanel!! Reveal!!

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  1. I went through the whole tote vs flap debate like many here.

    But I realize I already have bags that are totes and are work friendly. I wanted a fun/dressy bag.


    Reveal time!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391398065.611599.jpg

  3. so far so good!
  4. Here!
  5. Here!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391399738.267781.jpg

    Classic flap in black caviar and silver hardware (right? It's my first bag, trying to learn the lingo).


    Again with DBFs new card case.

    I'm thinking of getting an LV card case to go inside my bag to maximize space. Any other wallet suggestions?

    I had the best time at Chanel South Coast Plaza. No pressure, emphasis on the history, and I was shown every flap bag. It was awesome.
  7. Congrats! I got a new flap this month which is maxi cabiar black with shw. What makes u choosing the shw instead of ghw? I find that the silver hardware is easier to match with any clothes, colors in any occasions.
  8. Such a perfect first bag-congrats!!
  9. And plus the silver hardware is so elegant,durable and many of the Hollywood celebrities choosing the shw��
  10. Gorgeous classic! Congrats
  11. Thank you all! I'm so excited.

    I tried blue caviar, red lambskin, beige caviar, grey/taupe, the golden color, the striped patent spring bags, patent black, the tri colored ones (cool but I know I'd tire of them), the Chanel fabric with the glittery ribbon. Seriously, if it was a classic flap, I had it in front of me.

    I narrowed it down to black in Ghw and shw, one on each shoulder. My everyday jewelry is in black and silver, and my go to items for parties is my LBD and grey sundress (for less casual shindigs). So that's why I chose shw. Ghw is gorgeous though, but not for me.

    Lambskin is gorgeous as well, but DBF told the SA that he was clumsy and I needed caviar. He bumps into me all the time, prone to spilling food and drink. So I got the most durable bag, according to the SA lol.

    So that's how I got to black caviar, silver hardware. The tote vs flap was the harder decision.
  12. Is this jumbo or m/l
  13. I wear yellow jewelleries but i have chosen a black caviar flap with shw because i love the contrast looking. If i carry a ghw flap, i may not look edgy hehehehhe..
  14. It looks like the m/l!!! Stunning congrats

  15. m/l (it's the size after small. Not jumbo for sure because it would be too big on me)