First Chanel...Reissue or Classic Flap???

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  1. Hey ladies I'm newer to the Chanel thread and am very close to purchasing my first Chanel!! I'm so excited!! :p I want to try and buy one before the price increase. Should I get a black reissue or a black classic flap? They are both timeless and I probably won't be able to afford many Chanels in my life so I was wondering what everyone thinks would be a better choice. What are the price differences exactly? Thanks!!
  2. The reissue costs more than the flap and will after the increase if I'm not mistaken.

    I have the flap (purchased first) but if I had to do it right now, I'd likely get a reissue just b/c of the extreme price jump.
  3. reissue gets my vote
  4. reissue..
  5. I love my jumbo flap, but get the one you love most Both are great choices.
  6. REISSUE!!!
  7. Both are elegant, timeless choices.

    I have a thing for re-issues because they are the "original" Chanel handbag design from 1955, and I love history. I also really love the look of them--gorgeous!!!

    I own classic flaps as well, mostly because they are available in caviar leather, which is so durable and practical. They are also very beautiful bags that I have never regretted purchasing. I have a vintage black lambkin bag that is also holding up really well--black lambskin is quite easy to care for.

    Choose the one that makes your heart race--and get the other later. One consideration--re-issues are pretty much sold out everywhere right now.
  8. You can't go wrong with either one. Sorry I'm no help. I love both of them equally.
  9. Yeah I thought the reissues were sold out other than on eBay. I think I want to get a black reissue but will they still have the black available?
  10. I have both and prefer the a matter of fact, I have never used my classic flap yet even though I got it months ago.
  11. maybe the black metallic reissue is very hard to get now. you can try bloomingdales? or maybe call chanel 800 number. neiman only carries certain size and i believe Saks never ordered black metallic reissue.
    current price is 2350 for 226. 2495 for 227. and will increase next season.
    the classic flap is lots easier to find. med/large is 1995 and jumbo is 2250.
    ( they will increase price around 400, by nov 1st 2007, and Saks already raised their jumbo price to 2650).
    good luck.. they both classic and beautiful.. but for now, i will vote for reissue. hope u can find one...
  12. Both are beautiful so you can't go wrong. I picked the classic flap for my first Chanel since I love the CC clasp plus the classic is the first thing I think of when I think "Chanel".
  13. I bought my reissue before the classic. So my vote goes for the reissue.
  14. I say go for the classic!
  15. i say the reissue, especially since it's going up again soon!