First chanel purse

  1. I want to buy a chanel purse but i dont think i want to spend more than $1500 on it. What are your suggestions on purses and post pictures please!!
  2. For just a little bit more money, you could buy the 2.55 classic. However, are you looking more of a classy or trendy/hip bag? If you look under the Chanel Resource page, there are tons of beauiful bags that are very close to your price range.
  3. thanks for your help!
  4. I agree that with about $200 more you could get a classic flap in caviar.

    I also saw a diamond flap (medium in size) for about the same as the classic.
  5. I agree. I would get a Chanel Classic Flap 2.55 bag as my first Chanel....Or, you can take a look at the East West at around USD1.2K
  6. Classic flap. In caviar.
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