First Chanel purchase!!!

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  1. Just bought some espadrilles!! Love them... Now deciding between the boy Woc or Classic Woc.. In black with silver hardware... My boutique has both... Which would you choose and why? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Just a preference - I like the classic woc - while I do like the boy in larger bags, for some reason the boy woc doesn't appeal to me much.
  3. Hands down, classic WOC. I have the classic black caviar with shw. She's my adventure bag. She's been through many long nights out haha.

    I love the look of the boy but if you're into the boy look, just get the actual boy bag because I find the back pocket of the classic WOC is ESSENTIAL.

    It's so nice to have a pocket to stick my ID or credit card into whenever I'm in a mad dash or I'm constantly needing to take it out for bar hopping to show security and open tabs etc.

    Since both are the same price, I think you get a little extra for your money with that pocket though it seems very slim.

    Good luck deciding! You can't go wrong either way but honestly, I love the back pocket for easy access.

    I have a boy and a seasonal mini that doesn't have the pocket in the back and let me tell you, I really wish there was one!!
  4. Personal preference: classic WOC
    I like the boy look better on an actual boy bag too.
  5. Definitely the classic woc!!! I have a classic caviar ghw and agree that the back pocket is very useful. As the woc has a push/popper button it can be difficult to close on occasion so having a place to put a transport card/car park ticket without opening the bag is very useful.
    Have fun choosing and please post pics of your reveal with the espys too :heart:
  6. classic
  7. Congratulations on your espadrilles :smile: I practical live in mine. Both designs of woc are beautiful, personally I really like the classic. You can't go wrong with either one.
  8. +1
  9. Thanks everyone!! I think I will go for a classic Woc and larger boy bag.. Very excited to be slowly entering the Chanel world... I am already on the list for my second pair of espadrilles... Have a feeling those become addictive!