first chanel purchase

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  1. hey everyone!

    i'm a chanel virgin (my purchases have mostly been from Gucci and LV) and i'm planning on making my first purchase very soon, can anyone tell me how much a petit shopping tote is?

    second question: Any ideas on what my first chanel handbag purchase should be?

    Thanks!! :wlae:
  2. Did you do asearch? The new price has been posted a dozen or so times. :yes:
    As for your 1st. . . we need to know more :biggrin:
    Do you like handbags or shoulder bags?
    Totes or small bags or a flap. . . . .?

    A PST is a great 1st choice though.
  3. I looked at the PST yesterday and it was $1350 b4 tax.
  4. thanks for the replies!!

    i'm a bag addict..i luv them in all shapes and forms and sizes..think i would prefer a chanel tote though..any specific ones that you guys luv?
  5. Bacardigirl, at the expense of me sounding dumb..what is PST?

    thanks for the post!
  6. PST stands for Petit Shopping Tote. You can do search in this forum to see the pictures. My first Chanel also PST. Good luck with your first Chanel purchase!
  7. Yes PST=Petite Shopping tote...I believe u mentioned it in your first post? :p