First Chanel purchase

  1. I am interested in purchasing my first Chanel bag. What should I get? I am not really a "classic" gal - I usually only carry Balenciaga but I am loving the look of some of the new bags. The metallic leather bowler is beautiful but I am a Chanel virgin.:P What should be my first?
  2. there's no rule. . .

    what do you normally go for?
    Shoulder or handbag?
    Tote or flap?
    What's your price range?
    Here's my new one, it's a Caviar Grand Shopping tote $1650, caviar is their most durable leather:
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1335.jpg
  3. Swanky - You look great with your new bag! Love it!

    Shoegal - Be forwarned, Chanel is addicting. Like potato chips, you can't have just one....LOL....

    No, really, for your first bag and since you are a Balenciaga girl I would suggest you look at the Lux line or the distressed leather re-issue Flaps. Since you probably carry handbags, you might want to consider a shoulder bag for something a little different.
  4. I love that tote,swanky. It really is beautiful.
  5. Grazie!!!
  6. Swanky, that tote looks just awesome on you! :nuts:

    shoegal, it depends on your taste and what you're looking for. My first Chanel was the black caviar leather tote with gold hardware. Think about what style bags you prefer, and go from there. Since you like B-bags, something on the different/funky side would be good, the metallic bowler is super cool :love: :nuts:
  7. Swanky, that bag is gorgeous. Shoegal--I think you need to try them on and see what feels good for you.
  8. yeah, Swanky your CHANEL looks great!!!!

    shoegal - for my first Chanel i thought i'd go for a classic flap but then after awhile... well in the last week or so, i thought its just not me! like you i'm totally into my b-bags! I love my b-bags... and i decided that i quite like the Chanel Cambon Bowling Bag.... i think its quite funky and its still around... If you can get to a Chanel store you should try out a few styles and see what you like!
    good luck!!!!
  9. Swanky's tote is my favorite Chanel! Classic flap is up there though.
  10. It really depends!

    Do you like a small one? medium? large?
    Do you like it over your shoulder?
    Do you like soft leather or more resistant?

  11. Swanky, you look fabulous with your new bag! You're right, it IS big!
  12. Thanks for all your help - I'm close to deciding it will be my Mom's Day gift to me.;) What are the prices/sizes of the metallic bowler?
  13. Ummm nevermind, I thought you were talking about the Lux. I was going to say the Lux thread has its prices there
  14. Thank you!
    LOL, I know! I could almost fit in it!:lol:
  15. hehehe, sorry to steal the thunder but i've got my FIRST chanel bag - yes its the Chanel Cambon Bowling Bag from PF member Livethelake.... i'll get it in a few weeks!!! i'm SO excitied!