First Chanel purchase-White Jumbo or Light Beige Jumbo? Pls Help!

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  1. Hi ladies, I am really new to Chanel and would like to purchase my first Chanel bag. I need your suggestions please in deciding whether to go for a WHite jumbo or the new Light beige Jumbo with gold hardware. Please help!!! Thank you. :heart: :smile:
  2. Beige jumbo!! with gold hardware!! personally for your first chanel bag_ id go classic all the way and get the black classic flap bag in jumbo with gold hardware. the white scuffs up easily, and doesnt have the same sheen as the beige or the black one. I literally have barely switched out my black classic flap bag since i got it last Christmas, you'll be obsessed!
  3. There are alot of threads on this but the beige is more trans-seasonal and you can carry it year round. The white is a summer bag and you do have to watch to make certain it does not get marks on it if you wear dark denim.
  4. Between those two I say Beige! :yes:
  5. Beige. White is too high maintenance.
  6. beige caviar with gold hardware... i saw one in neimans the other day it's absolutely gorgeous
  7. another vote for beige caviar :tup: ^^
  8. will Chanel be carrying a white jumbo this season? is it a season staple that they always offer? i really want one. i won $2,000 in an online Bloomie's contest, and I want to use it towards the purchase of one! where did you see one MJROSE?
  9. Although I have 09 distressed white reissue, I would vote beige w/ gold HW for you.

    The reason:

    Your first time purchase, better get something which is a versatile color. Beige is perfect!!!

    Easily impressed everyone. White is more of a "be careful w/" that bag...than "let's take a closer look" of the beige bag.... ha ha ha......make sense?!!

    Good luck!!
  10. New Beige jumbo caviar without a doubt!
  11. What is the climate where you live? If its warm and sunny all year or most of the year, I'd say WHITE!
  12. Beige jumbo is much more versatile IMO and the color is really soft this season.
  13. Love the light beige, white is too light for me
  14. i will vote for light beige too :smile:
  15. Thank you ladies for your suggestions!!:smile: