First Chanel purchase & UNBOXING!

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  1. After months of deliberating I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase my ultimate dream bag- Classic flap jumbo in caviar with GHW. After booking all tickets to London in advance and clearing out most of my handbag collection which I no longer used I was ready to welcome my dream bag into my life when two weeks before I was to go to London there was a dreaded price increase which at first put me completely off the bag as the initial price just seemed still a bit too much, especially for my age and that I am a student.

    I always thought my first Chanel would be a classic however I decided to start looking into alternatives such as the GST, mini rec, boy bag (even though it costs as much as classics now) and I could track down nothing I wanted so therefore gave up hope that maybe it wasn't the right time for me to purchase.

    My boyfriend still convinced me to go and look and try on some bags since we don't go to London often and I haven't been to Chanel much before so it would be good to see what I like. The SA at new Bond Street (Sunil) was so helpful and he remembered us from our first visit there when I was just browsing bags. I told him my heart was quite set on a jumbo and therefore he brought me out all the combinations to try plus some other sizes of flaps, and I fell in love with one of them. I found my dream bag and had the Chanel experience I wanted (I was so scared of the Chanel horror stories!)

    Who wants to see what came back with me :smile:

  2. Here!
  3. Ooh a live reveal! I'm ready!
  4. I'm here!!
  5. Me, too :biggrin:
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458470381.647867.jpg

  7. me me :biggrin:
  8. Any guesses?

    Also I forgot to add the kind of cons to my purchase:

    Firstly, the one I chose had chipped leather on the side which was quite bad, luckily I noticed before he took the bag away- the SA brought me out a couple of bags to choose from even though he said they're not meant to remove all their protective packaging on the shop floor so I was able to pick another.

    Secondly, he forgot the authenticity card out of the box when I left and he called me a few hours later to go back, luckily I was still in London in the area.
  9. Here my first live reveal
  10. Wow! What a story! Can't wait to see!
  11. I can't wait! 😊
  12. im excited :smile:
  13. Awesome congrats on your first Chanel bag!!!
  14. Okay it's been two hours...unfollowing!
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458478302.522031.jpg



    Sorry for the delay, got caught up in Sunday dinner preparations lol

    I decided to go for a jumbo after all, it was quite unlucky and disheartening that there was a price increase just before I was about to get her but she's still 100% worth it! I went for lambskin which I know not a lot of people would do for a first but I don't always take bags with me everywhere and when I do it's somewhere nice or out with family where it would be well looked after. Also the SHW suited my skin tone and my style much better, there was no doubt once I compared the gold and silver.

    Thanks for letting me share :smile: