First Chanel purchase- "safe" color or "fun" color

  1. I've definitely caught the Chanel bug bad! So I'm gearing my up for my first Chanel purchase! I've been wanting a jumbo caviar chevron for so long in black. I see that it is on the Fall Act 1 list. I also see a jumbo grey on it so now I'm torn. I would love grey as well. These are both safe colors to me. What has me totally confused is that I went into the boutique earlier this week and saw the dark pink chevron 2.55 (or was it 2.66?) flap. Omg! So gorgeous! I can't get that one out of my head now.
    Would you choose a safe color for your first Chanel purchase or just jumbo mo right it and get something more fun?
  2. safe, especially for the jumbo.
  3. Safe, but a safe color you still love. The pink is nice and all but you might get tired of it. Unless it's your absolute favorite shade of pink, I'd stick to black or gray.
  4. I went safe, so my first two were black. Since then, i've only bought color.

    It depends too, if you LOVE the jumbo caviar in grey --- this is seasonal. I haven't seen this come out often, whereas, i've seen black chevron jumbos come out more than the grey. If you HAVE to have the grey, then i would get this now. i think grey is a pretty safe color in my opinion

    If this is potentially your one and only for a while -- get the one that you've wanted for so long which is the jumbo caviar chevron in black.

    I have always wanted the cobalt blue m/l w/ ghw and no matter how many chanel purses i bought, I still wasn't satisfied. Then when I finally got my holy grail cobalt blue (13S dark blue w/ matte GHW), i was content for a couple years.

    Always buy what you've wanted for a while unless you plan on buying alot more soon.
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  5. Near the start of my handbag addiction I bought a sunflower yellow mulberry Alexa (2006 I think). Colour transfer from denim with first wear, I was so annoyed (learned this expensive lesson the hard way, was not on tPF yet hehe) so I say safe as will be more care free.
  6. A Jumbo is expensive so I would buy a safe color that you will use and love for years to come. If you want a fun color I would get a WOC, that is exactly what I did. I have a black Classic caviar Jumbo and a pink WOC.
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  7. Go with the safe color of black; it will go with everything and you will not regret it.
  8. I'd get the color and style you typically wear most often so you'll actually use and enjoy the bag. Some people buy a unique Chanel and then are afraid to use it.
  9. Go for black, it's a colour you can't go wrong and matches all outfits (to justify the cost per wear). With Pink you have to consider colour transfer and will require more babying/anxiety when using it. For the price you pay you want to be able to use it happily
  10. Go with safe for your first
  11. I love this advice, exactly what I am thinking. My first Chanel was a practical neutral caviar tote perfect for work and my eventual second will be a colorful mini when the right one crosses my path :heart:
  12. My first two Chanel pieces were in black :smile: can't go wrong with a classic/neutral color. My latest purchase was an iridescent turquoise mini! I'm sooo in love with her :love:
  13. I would go with safe colour for your first chanel
  14. I may be in the minority, but I am going to say go with a "safe and fun" color! Yes, you can have both!! I went the safe route for most of my initial purchases, and I still have the blacks, greys, beiges, etc. However, I find the fun colors make my heart sing and go with the majority of my wardrobe. I also tend to wear them more as they give my outfits a fun pop of color! I have found green to be surprisingly neutral. I consider a "safe/fun" color to be one that is not black, beige or gray and can be worn with most colors. I think green, pink, red and blue are fantastic choices to give your outfit a pop of color! Plus, you can always get a "safe" Chanel and they are much more readily available on the second hand market at reduced prices. Rare colors are harder to find and you may regret it if you miss out on the pink one. You can always get a safe black bag either new or pre-owned, but a rare, colorful fun beauty may not come around again:smile: Just my two cents and based on my experiences:smile: You can never go wrong with Chanel, so it's a win-win no matter what choice you make!
  15. My first chanel was both "safe" and "fun" (in my opinion). It was a color I can only describe as "dusty rose", as I were looking for pink. But as others said, sometimes brights have issues with color transfer and it can get annoying. But if that doesn't bother you then go for whatever color makes your heart sing.