First Chanel purchase- need veteran input

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  1. Hello! I am currently in the market for my first Chanel bag. It is a push present to myself as my husband and I are expecting our first baby in June and it has been a really hard journey for me (I lost a pregnancy last summer). For me a Chanel bag is much more than a piece of leather or a status symbol. Chanel's are effortlessly elegant and timeless and it is something I'd like to pass down to my daughter someday (we are having a girl!) thus creating an heirloom for my family. I know I like the classic flap in the jumbo size with gold hardware. HOWEVER. I came across the So Black version of this bag in crumpled calfskin and I just love the look of it. As you know the so black versions are harder to find and therefore much more expensive (I am looking for a pre-loved Chanel) in the resale market. My question is do I forgo the so black and go with the classic and save myself thousands of dollars or do I take the jump for my unicorn bag? I'd love to hear from those with these bags and what your experience has been. I would use this bag as often as possible. If it helps I work in a formal office every day and on my days off I gravitate towards colorful athleisure wear and laid back California chic.
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  2. I would like to point out that while possible, it will not be easy to "use this bag as often as possible" yet still retain it in an "heirloom" condition. Usually people who have bags in amazing condition have a solid rotation. I say go for your unicorn, use the heck out of it, and enjoy it as something specifically and only yours forever.
  3. My first Chanel was a So Black and I quickly found it did not go well with my
    brightly colored weekend clothing (Lilly).

    I use my Chanels for weekends and I bought a Chloè (New Faye Day) for weekdays.
  4. Go for the classic. In 10 years you may think that crumbly black leather doesnt suit your lifestyle anymore. Maybe you need more mature sophisticated.. It’s a very specific look, and for me personally - unless it’s a classic I get bored with the edgy version fast.
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  5. Classic is cool, but I think I saw a Reissue So Black on Fashionphile. It was nice, and I'm not even into "black" bags. People on the forums who love the Classic always say they wished they would have gotten the Classic earlier since the price just goes up and can't go wrong with either though.
  6. I just bought my first Chanel bag, and also planning to keep for a lifetime (wanting to enjoy and use a lot but also keep on rotation). My choices were a ML caviar classic flap, and a so black caviar quilted boy. The consigner said I was too slow to get the deposit to her on the so black and she let it go to someone else. A week later I got a call for the waitlist for the classic in boutique. I pulled the trigger and went with the classic and couldn’t be happier! It feels so great to have a brand new bag, and to take her home and unbox her, have the authenticity card and warranty. Such a nice piece of mind for a first Chanel bag.
    And if it’s the crumpled so black I’m thinking about, it’s not much more than a brand new jumbo ?
  7. I completely agree with the above poster. So many people think they are passing down Chanel’s to their kids. We’re talking about a bag that will be at least 20 years old by the time your future daughter gets it. The bag could be in terrible shape or your daughter may not want it. Buy to enjoy for yourself. Jewelry is a better heirloom to be honest. And even then, I stand by my earlier point to enjoy it for yourself.
  8. I wouldn’t go for the all black isn’t there chipping issues with it?

    The classic quilted or chevron caviar or lamb would be what I would go for.
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  9. First off, congratulations on your baby girl! June is such a nice, warm month for a birth day.

    My vote's for the classic w/ GHW because it is absolutely timeless and will ideally be in a condition for you to pass on to your daughter (assuming you'll buy caviar and not throw it around like luggage; lambskin can be kept in good condition too but will show wear/'character').

    The classic in so-black crumpled calfskin is definitely a unicorn, but I don't think the calfskin will hold up as nice. The GHW can be dressed up or down but I think the so-black has a 'cooler' / more casual / edgy feel.
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  10. I love my classic jumbo with gold hardware. I also have a young daughter and although she is into fashion so far I have no idea if she will want any of the Chanel bags I have in the future. Go for the bag you want and you think you will enjoy. And if you go for the less expensive bag, maybe put that extra money you would have paid for the so black bag away for your daughter. She can use it when she graduates and pick something special of her choosing. And good luck with your choice and congrats on your pregnancy.
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  11. I wouldn't go for the so black because apparently due to the processing to get the hardware like that, it's more susceptible to chipping.

    If you're looking to pass the bag on and want it to be an heirloom, then I wouldn't advise you to pick something you would use a lot because it's really hard to keep the bag in perfect shape if you're using it a lot. And everyone likes different things.... I'm such a girly girl and my sister is a complete tomboy and only wears backpacks. So I would really just pick something for your own enjoyment that you would get the use out of, because chances are, you will value this bag more than your kid will. And by the time that your daughter has grown up to the point of even perhaps getting her own luxury handbag, I'm sure you will have a lot more to share with her in your collection!

    Since this is your first Chanel, I would say, make yourself happy first.
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  12. I want to chime in that I have a So Black Zip Around Wallet I have used and abused for about two years. The metal is fine.
  13. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!! I've had 5 losses so I completely understand the heartache. Treat yourself to something nice and buy your holy Grail.
    If this is your one and only chanel (which most people say it is but once you get one,,, it's hard to stop!), Then go get your holy grail. From personal experience and also having been on this forum for 11 years now only reading the chanel forum... If you deviate from your holy grail, you will not be satisfied. You'll always want that so black cf. I always wanted a royal blue cf with ghw, but back in 2011, it only came out in 2010 and I missed it. So I bought a black caviar jumbo and was not satisfied, then bought a black caviar GST and was not satisfied, then in 2013 a royal blue came out and I purchased it. So you will always keep wanting the so black even after you buy the classic black w/ ghw.

    Honestly, the so black comes out quite often. Back in 2010 ish time, it was super rare. In the last 9 years, I've seen it come out almost every other year. If you really want it, just wait for it to come out and buy it at retail price at the boutique so you don't pay over on the resale market. The only thing I've seen come out once in the last 11 years was the mermaid hardware. The so black is not as hard to get as it used to be.
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