First Chanel Purchase: Black Perf Jumbo Flap

  1. Hey, I just graduated from Balenciaga to Chanel today... :wtf: I had a feeling I was being kind of "unconventional" by choosing the Perf, but for some reason I liked the overall look of it better than the Caviar. I didn't consider the lambskin because it is so delicate. However, I PREFER the "puffy" look of the quilts on the lambskin...and to me, the perf also has that same puffiness that the caviar lacks. So, I thought the perf was the best combo of durability and look for me....and it was nice that the price was slightly lower as well.

    I have read some threads where people say they think that the perf is "ugly." Didn't find so many fans of the black perf. Can black perf fans please speak up & help me justify my choice? I would love some reinforcement. ;)

  2. Great purchase. All that matters is that you picked the purse you love. The perf is more contemporary and has a great edge to it :jammin:. Just the purse to complement a Bal "girl" :girlsigh:. Welcome to the Chanel club :yes:
  3. i love this one! i actually am thinking about getting it so i cant wait to here about how you feel about it after you use it
    if i can ask, what was the price after taxes and such?
  4. Hey, Congrats on the new bag

    i personally love the perfo range, and i have a few items too. I think it's different and has a more contemporary look. Just as Rondiva has said.

    I have a blue perfo jumbo flap and use that the most (compared to my black caviar and red caviar jumbos), and i've always received compliments on it!
    Plus, i am really surprised in how durable the perfo is

    Be happy with your purchase and wear her in good health!
  5. Congrats on your first Chanel. :woohoo: Tastes differ. If you love it, that's all that matters. You paid for the bag so be sure you're happy with your purchase. I think it's lovely. :tup:
  6. I actually quite like this and I wouldn't consider the lambskin either as it is too delicate! Congrats your first Chanel! :yahoo:
  7. gorgeous!!! welcome to the club :smile:
  8. Lovely bag! I have a perforated Chanel myself and love the style because it can be dressed down as well as up! Many Congrats!
  9. I think it looks great :biggrin:
  10. I am one who is not a perf fan, but that said, you shouldn't need justification. What matters is that YOU love it. If that is the case, it's the bag for you, regardless of what others think. Enjoy.
  11. congrats on your first!
  12. I'm not just saying this to pump your ego or make you feel better about your purchase, but.... I honestly LOVE this bag, beautiful!!! Congrats!:love:
  13. :yes::yes:
  14. You know what? Honestly, I HATED this bag when I first saw pictures of it online. But I actually recently saw it on someone when I was at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF and totally fell in love with it! It is a fantastic bag, very *Chanel* but with a twist! Congrats!

    PS. I used to be the biggggggggest Balenciaga freak, congratulations on the "graduation"!!! Gawd at my worst, I owned 9 bbags! Crazy what that brand can do to you! :biggrin:
  15. It's individual preference....if u like this bag, don't care abt wat other pple's opinions. Personally I don't think I dislike perf style but it's jus not my type.

    Congrats, she's fabulous!