First Chanel, pls help me decide.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm getting myself back on track to getting myself a Chanel bag. I kinda went off course within the last 6 mos and bought other bags. :s:s

    Right now, there's about 2K in the pot. I pretty sure I would like a PTT or a classic flap both in caviar with ghw. It seems that both the PTT and the classic flap is not available in my city. They don't ship between stores here at Holt (Canada).

    So my questions are:

    1. Which bag would you pick for your first? PTT or Classic Flap
    2. Should I go pre-owned (most likely with the PTT) or wait till one became available at the store?
  2. get the classic flap with ghw in brandnew.
    You will certainly have all of the excitement that expects for first time Chanelaholic :P
  3. ur first bag has to be BRANDNEW
  4. 1. Really depends on your lifestyle and which bag works better for you. Do you carry a lot? Typically how dressy are your outfits? Any kids? Both the tote and the classic flap are timeless pieces IMO but the tote works better if you need to carry more, while the flap is dressier. The classic flap was my first Chanel because I needed something dressy for the industry I work in. ;)

    2. This is something you have to decide for yourself, whether the potential savings are worth worrying about authenticity, condition of the bag, and dealing with potentially nasty sellers and unreasonable return policies. Just make sure that if you go the preloved route, that you scrutinize the photos provided to check for any creases/folds/scratches/tears, and that you research the bag and the seller thoroughly before purchasing. Also make sure to post in the Authenticate This Chanel thread for an opinion on authenticity.

    My very first Chanel was preloved, but I had to return it because the seller was dishonest about its condition. This broke my heart, so I went straight to the boutique and bought two bags brand new, and I've never been happier. I'm fussy and a perfectionist, so if you are one as well, then perhaps buying brand new may be a better choice for you. :yes:
  5. brand new classic flap!
  6. My vote goes for classic flap! Bag 4 lifetime!:smile:
  7. I was exactly as yours.

    After returned that to the Ebay seller, I went straight bought 2 from Bloomingdales, one white from Hirs, and the beige is on waiting list within a month :nuts:
  8. Brand new classic flap!!
  9. :goodpost:

  10. 1. Both the PTT and the classic flap would work with my lifestyle right now. I don't think I would be using this as a "carry-all" for the kids & dh, as I have an LV tote to take care of that. I want this to be both casual and dressy as well when I'm out without the kids.

    2. I personally don't have a problem with buying preloved (as long as it's in excellent cond) and yes I will ask the sweet ladies in ATC for advice. I wouldn't dare make a decision without their input.

    I was told that the PTT may not be re-ordered anytime soon and the classic flap with ghw is very popular & gets snatched up quickly.

    I'm not sure if there is a waiting list for them and as potential new customer to Chanel, I'm not sure if I can get my hand on one by the summer.

    Do I sound whiney? Sorry if I do. I really need to stay focused this time and not buy other bags. lol
  11. I'd go for a Classic flap or a Reissue
  12. blk flap - jumbo w SHW
  13. Classic flap definitely... bought a reissue and was still yearning for a classic flap!
  14. Definitely the classic flap for the first Chanel. I got my first (a black caviar jumbo with shw) pre-loved but in pristine condition - saved more than $500 off retail and am absolutely happy with the purchase.
  15. Classic flap, and I wouldn't discount buying pre-loved. I have had swome good experiences buying pre-loved bags. I did have one ebay problem and after that I only buy from sellers that are known to tpf and considered reputable. No problems since then.

    Good luck!