First Chanel - Need help....

  1. I'm in desire for a Chanel to spice up my bag collection since I've been a long-time LV addict.

    So here are my questions, are there still any (Black Medallion Tote OR Large Black/Black Cambon Tote) still sold in stores? If yes, what's the price?

    If none of these bags are available...I'm looking for a very subtle looking black bag (no caviar) without much hardware...suggestions are very welcome.

  2. I am not sure the recent price, but I believe you can get the black medallion. The black Cambon may be much harder to find.

    I think the black ultimate soft may be a good choice.
  3. yes, both are still available. Saw a large Cambon tote in black and a Reporter at my NM this afternoon:yes:
  4. i am of no help.. just got my first last month~!!!! but...good luck~ its the BEST feeling EVER when you bring that bag home~
  5. Thanks yall! My search begins.....
  6. Oh I could have written this post! I want just a plain tote, black, with a subtle embossed logo. Good luck, I am in Phoenix, and I always wonder if my Saks carries stuff that is out of season because they always have different stuff there.
  7. I have a GST (bordeaux) and a Medallion (Beige.) My choice for a quiet (doesn't scream CHANEL) tote would be Cerf. To the OP, I believe the Cerf is not considered caviar leather, but calfskin. It has a pebbled texture to it, but not as pronounced as caviar. I love that bag, yet don't own one. I think it is the most subtle of all of the bags. I'm sure Saks would be able to get you anything you wanted from another location.
    Good luck
  8. Yes, they still sell the Chanel Black Cambon w/black CC cost about $1,995.00 now. That is my first Chanel bag too!!! I had always bought LV's.:tup:
    Good Luck!!
  9. i just saw a black on black cambon at NM in sf on monday.
  10. Yes, they still sell Medallion tote. They're pretty readily available and I looooove mine! Price is $2125+tax.

    I also saw a black on black Cambon tote at my Scottsdale NM the other week...not sure of price but I'm sure it's 1995 as others have prev stated.

    One thing: You said you didn't want caviar leather but the Medallion tote is caviar leather...:confused1: Not sure if you knew that or not but wanted to make sure you were aware. :yes: