First Chanel: M/L classic flap or mini?

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  1. Hi lovelies, I'm in a state of confusion on what to do!

    I've been dreaming about the Chanel mini square for awhile now, and while I understand it is a seasonal piece and almost impossible to get in black caviar I'm now not sure how long I'm willing to wait for one to become available (new/great condition). The ones I have seen are super overpriced and I'm just not sure if it's worth paying that much extra on a tiny bag, let alone if I will grow out of the size of the bag and wish I had gotten a classic M/L one instead!

    I'd love to own both someday but do not like to own tons of items (minimalist lifestyle - I always sell what I don't use often).

    For work I lug around a YSL tote, weekends or casual days I like to carry as little as possible but still have the essentials incase anything happens (wallet, keys, girlie stuff, pain killers, tissues, all that...)

    The M/L classic flap is available to purchase now if I wish, however I'm still considering the mini but who knows how long I could be waiting. Anyone think it's too small? Am concerned the M/L would be too fancy for everyday use in general, even though I looooove it! It's also a great crossbody length on me too!

    Any advice would be great! TIA! xx
  2. I would wait for mini! I just love love love my minis so much more than my m/l flap. My life style is very casual, small crossbody bags just so easy and convenient to use. Just make sure your essentials all fit inside mini before purchasing it. M/l flap fits maybe 10% more than mini. I use my minis mostly on weekend. So easy graband go. In fact, I have to force my myself to use m/l flap.. lol

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  3. You probably need to wait long for the mini but M/L is an iconic bag and the price keep going up.. Not sure will you consider to get both bags?
  4. I absolutely love the square minis. I used to have m/l BC that I got rid of last year ..When worn it just didn't hit at the right spot and probably fit as much as my square mini. Good luck deciding.
  5. i would probably suggest the m/l as the first bag. the mini, while super awesome, just isn't super spacious. i carry like 4 small things daily and even i couldn't get them in there nicely. you can stuff it full, but then you struggle to access your stuff. the mini is really small, at least the square is. w/the m/l you have room for a few extras when needed. and the m/l is just iconic chanel and well worth the investment, whether preloved or new. you can't crossbody the m/l though, if that matters a great deal.
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  6. I own both bag, if I had to choose one and was my first Chanel bag, hands down - medium/large classic flap first.

    Even though they both might carry similar items but the ML still can fit a bit more. You can dress it up or down, its just so timeless and classic!

    Good luck on deciding!
  7. If you want a square mini I would get a square mini. The m/l is classic but for me is one of my least used bags vs the mini which is one of my most used due to its much more casual vibe and ease of use (single flap, crossbody, compact, on trend with mini bag craze). Good luck deciding!
  8. +1

    I totally agree, buy both and get the m/l flap first as they seem to more available than the mini. You might be waiting for over a year for a mini to arrive in your store.
  9. If the M/L works for you as a crossbody, definitely get it. I don't think you'd regret owning a M/L and then taking your time to decide if a square mini would also work for you.
  10. The only thing that is a bonus with the mini is the crossbody option. U can't wear m/l crossbody unless you're under 5 feet . Having owned both, I still would go for m/l as your first Chanel if it were me deciding. Mine was actually a jumbo bc I like to make my back and shoulders hurt by carrying crap I don't need
  11. You can wear the m/l as crossbody? You must be tiny, lol

    I would suggest you to get the m/l, it's more versatile, it can be formal and casual while mini can only be casual....

    Plus I absolutely love the m/l size, I carry about the same amount of stuff as you, and all my stuff can comfortably fit in the m/l, if you want to fit everything you listed above in the mini you may over-stuff your bag.
  12. M/l
  13. M/L for first Chanel definitely
  14. For your first Chanel, go with the m/l. It's such a classic. I can also fit more in my m/l than mini but if you really prefer a bag that you can wear crossbody, get the mini.
  15. Classic!