First Chanel - Lambskin or Caviar ?

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  1. I'm very new to Chanel, being an LV girl... Have decided I will get my Chanel med/large flap with silver hardware before the price increase :p

    I'm trying to decide between a caviar or a lambskin one...
    I'm 20 years old... I'm a full time uni student, and I want this bag for a weekend, going out bag. There's not much of a price difference so it's a bit hard to decide..

    Lambskin - IMO prettier, but doesn't look so great after a few years because the leather flattens itself out and isn't so puffy, more delicate, higher maintenace but prettier. I would prefer a lambskin because I like the look of the white caviar which I would like to get as well (I don't actually know how probable that is though) :push:

    Caviar - IMO not as pretty as lambskin, but it has a certain charm about it... easier to maintain and will (hopefully) look the same after five years...


    Wow... I'm really neurotic. :wlae:

  2. Well, if like you say, you will mainly be using it at weekends, follow your heart and go with lambskin all the way :biggrin:

    With the silver it will look incredible, PLUS, you are going to want another one once you get this (trust me!!!!) and then maybe go for a colour that is not so easy to maintain and then this would be the time to get Caviar for sure.
  3. i vote for caviar
  4. I personally prefer Caviar over Lambskin. It's a worry free bag and I love the fact that its shape won't change over time (not flatten).
    I agree that Lambskin will flatten over time! I just don't like the look of flat bag.
    Well it's all about a personal preference. Just go with the one you love. :heart:
  5. But I love both... I have to pick one.

    I love the look of lambskin but I love how caviar will remain the same over time. It's the high maintenance & luxe vs the safe and comfortable lol.
  6. Caviar:yes:
  7. I love lambskin.
  8. caviar. :smile:

    BUT, if you LOVE the lambskin, go for the lambskin, otherwise chances are you will end up buying it someday anyway to satisfy that burning desire.

    That said, caviar is more hassle-free. I trust we all handle our Chanels with some degree of tender loving care, yar? :heart:
  9. caviar is my vote. i would get something more hardy for my first. :smile:
  10. Caviar!
  11. another vote for caviar :tup:
  12. Another caviar vote here!:love:
  13. If you love lambskin you should follow your heart. I personally go with caviar, so I don't have to baby my bag, and that for me is a big point... Good luck with your decision.
  14. I know that decision all too well.

    Go with your heart and you won't go wrong.

    My lamb is 18 years old (black w/gold hardware) and she's the going out bag. It has not flattened out. I keep it lightly stuffed with tissue, chains are wrapped to avoid chain imprints, and stored in its box.

    If you were buying white, go caviar most definitely. If and when you want a daily Chanel, think reissue (crinkled leather), caviar or whatever else you fall madly in love with.
  15. i prefer lambskin, look, feel and smell better imo