First Chanel... Keep or return?

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  1. Hi All! Just picked up my first Chanel bag last night and just noticed today that there's a small cut on the interior leather. I don't know if that would happen eventually with wear, so I wanted to get your thoughts. I also don't know if its going I bug me every time I use it. Would you keep or return?

    Hopefully you can see the cut. I tried to get different angles. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396655670.048080.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396655399.618999.jpg
  2. I personally would return it, I do not keep anything I am not %100 about. Even if there is a slight feeling, I do not buy.

    Only buy/keep what you absolutely love!
  3. Meant to include the photo of the bag. Here it is... Reissue in Dark red caviar with gold hardware. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396658431.083545.jpg
  4. OH my its gorgeous... :sad:
  5. Now I don't know..(its too gorgeous!)
    haha I'm actually hunting for this bag, so sad its damaged! :wtf::nogood::crybaby:

    I guess you'll have to ask yourself whether the scuff/scratch will bother you or not when you use it.

    Side note, the scuff/cut like that shouldn't happen even with usage, I haven't seen it happen to mine.
  6. i know! wish i wasn't in this dilemma.

    another thing i was thinking about.. would this be something that could be repaired through the chanel spa service?
  7. I've never gotten any Chanel Spa/Repair service done, I would bring it to the boutique and ask them if they can do anything about it.

    Good luck, I'm sorry you had to go through that with your first Chanel.. :sad:
  8. I'll bring it by the store tomorrow. Thanks for your help :smile:
  9. Wow, this is one stunning bag! What size is it? I don't usually go for the caviar reissues but this one is gorgeous.
  10. Isn't it a beauty!? I really love the color. It's a 225.
  11. It really is gorgeous. Why, oh why did I read this thread. Gosh darnit, I thought my bag list was nearly done. If you do return it, please let me know the store and SA! :smile:
  12. hahaha! will do. i'm going to talk to my SA tomorrow and hopefully come to a decision by then.

  13. It's a tough decision because is a beautiful bag! But, I personally wouldn't be happy with a slight imperfection on it. Now, if it's a hard bag to find, and since is a minor and tiny issue, I would probably ask them to repair. GL deciding! It's gorgeous and congrats!
  14. If its really really really going to bother you, I would definitely return it just so your mind could be at peace
    I know the excitement of getting your first Chanel can be overwhelming, but if your not fully content
    then I would return it.:peace:

    As mentioned before, if the size/color combination is super rare, which it is probably
    then why not get it repaired at Chanel?

    The bag is beautiful, the rich berry/Bordeaux color thats complimentary to many colors
    it's a stunning bag
    congrats in your beautiful Bag :smile:
  15. Oh wow,it's euch a amazing bag!

    I would keep it. I know this is not so smart. But it is such a Beauty! ;)