First Chanel in Honolulu - Where?

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    The time has FINALLY come for me to get my first Chanel. I've waited almost 2 years for this...something has ALWAYS gotten in the way of this!

    I'm going to Hawaii in two weeks. We only have one day in Honolulu so I really want to make our shopping day count. When I was there last year I remember two Chanel boutiques. One in Ala Moana...and the other on a main-ish road with a ton of other boutiques (can't remember what the area is called).

    My question to you ladies who may live there or have shopped there...which store has the best stock? I'm definitely going to Ala Moana...but if the other one is better I'll have to hit that first. We aren't going to have a car there so I'm not sure I want to be running back and forth.

    Thank you! I am SOOO excited :tup:.
  2. Why don't you call one of them and ask which store has more?