First Chanel-- help me!

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  1. Okkkaaayy, so i'm strongly considering buying my first Chanel, i just need some help!

    I know i want either a medium flap or jumbo flap in either a biege, brown, or redish tone.. What are the colours that these bags are made in this colour scheme? And also.. Can someone please post a picture of a caviar and a lambskin bag in the same colour so i can visually see the difference. Is the lambskin really that easy to damage? Is there a price difference? What would you recommend?

    I'd be using this bag quite a bit and i want something that's classic and is going to last me a looongg time.

    Oh, and what bags currently come in (if any) red?

    Thanks for your help! I feel like such a newbie:shame: :heart: