First Chanel Handbag purchase ....

  1. I've just purchased a Black Caviar PST with gh. Do any of you that have this bag do anything to protect or nourish the leather - or do we just use them and love them.
    Took mine out last night to my Christmas Party, and had to put in on the floor under my chair, was worried that the bottom might get scratched, although the leather seems pretty tough? Any comments / suggetions please.
  2. THe pst and the gst are one of the hardiest bags available. I honestly dont protect mine, and it looks brand spanking new.

    Enjoy using your new bag :smile:
  3. I have the PST in g/h and i don't protect it with anything. Still looks brand new.
  4. I have a PST in beige and used nothing on it. It's taken a beating so far and it still looks great as if I got it yesterday!
  5. I don't do anything to protect mine either, and it stills looks great!!

    Congrats on your first purchase!!
  6. I do not own any PST or GST but since it's a caviar leather...i do own a caviar e/w flap..personally i don't need to take special care for it since it's not like lambskin.

    The caviar still looks so good with scratchless proof...hehe
  7. i have the same exact purse & i have no probs with it. i've heard the other ladies on here use apple gaurd from ..i might just purchase them to use just for precautionary reasons (chanels are like my babies & i their overprotective mother, haha!) & also coz i want to get a white caviar in the future.
  8. Enjoy your purse!!! The leather is almost indestructible, so don't worry too much!!
  9. Congrats on your First Chanel :yahoo: I, too, have black PST in gh, it is very durable, don't need any extra protection, but you might want to consider a purse hook so the bag don't sit on floor :flowers: Model pix plz~:yes:
  10. congratulations on your first chanel piece! caviar should be very durable so i don't think you would have to worry much.
  11. Thanks very much - and congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.
  12. mine too...the caviar leather is great!
  13. Yup. I bought Apple Guard leather conditioner, leather cleaner, and water/stain repellent spray when I got my white caviar jumbo. All products are fantastic!!!
  14. Congrats on your fist bag! :smile: