First Chanel Ever Reveal! (And some questions from a newbie)

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  1. Hi all,
    After weeks of looking through consignment ads and online sellers, I got a text from a SA saying that a black caviar M classic flap was in stock and I was next on the wait list. I had been really searching for a boy and here in Calgary there is a wait list for both classic and boy bags. I went in that day to see it and decided to take the plunge.! My SA was wonderful and patient with me. I was a little disappointed after reading so many posts that people get to choose from multiple bags and choosing the one they like, especially because I’m a perfectionist in this regard. But happy none the less that it was available before a potential price increase (in July)?. I was a little worried when she said someone before me on the waitlist must not have wanted it (Mother’s Day gift perhaps).
    So my questions are after reading so much on TPF and being concerned about the quality of the recent does mine look!? It is a 26 series so how do I know when it was made? My bag came fresh out of the box but I didn’t see the actual tag that came with the bag, to see all the codes, perhaps I’ll check and see if it is in the box somewhere..?
    I was also a little concerned about the stitching along the bottom edge, has anyone had issues with this before ?
    Lastly HOW did you get over the fear of carrying a $$$$$$ Chanel bag? I’m so scared of damaging it even with the hearty caviar, so I just take her out of the box and visit her for now [emoji23].
    Sorry for all the newbie questions !! TIA!!
    IMG_6606.JPG IMG_6630.JPG IMG_6657.JPG IMG_6655.JPG IMG_6656.JPG IMG_6659.JPG IMG_6660.JPG IMG_6662.JPG IMG_6661.JPG
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  2. As most will tell you, if anything about the bag bothers you return it & wait for your perfect bag. This is an expensive purchase that you should feel comfortable with no matter what anyone says. With that said, I think the caviar is beautiful (but that’s my subjective opinion). I too just purchased a 26 series (made in 2018). I liked it better than the 27 series bags I was presented with. I am not a fan of the stitching at the bottom. If you don’t have to have it now & you’re really particular, wait. If you’re ok as it’s on the bottom of the bag, keep it bc it’s a gorgeous bag. Good luck.
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  3. Congratulations on your first Chanel! You don’t really have to baby your bag too much since it’s caviar and I haven’t had a problem with it with regular (and careful) use. It’s an expensive bag though, so if the stitching bothers you, you should try to make an exchange or return and wait for the perfect bag. Good luck! Would love to know your decision [emoji169]
  4. I’m not sure what the return policy is in other countries, but the SA said the waitlist items are considered a final sale, after they fill out the certificate and the warranty is two years. This seemed strange to me. Is that accurate, even for exchanges? I guess it makes sense because I wouldn’t want a bag that was carried around either.
  5. I would return if you are not happy. Never heard of final sale for wait list item. Chanel return period is 14 days after purchase. They will try to give you store credit. That's why it is so important to be certain of your purchase. Some have stood their ground and have had money back. Good luck with what you decide
  6. I’ve never had any items I was waitlisted for be final sale. I’m in US & buy from both Saks & Neiman Marcus. 14 day return policy. That seems to be a very strict return policy :sad:
  7. I thought so as well. I will check my receipt when I get home. I live in a province where there is only one store to buy bags from [emoji24]
  8. Oh no!!!! I hope it works out for you!!!
  9. It looks scuffed. I would suggest that you return it. Plus, the series should be in the 27 by now. You are paying too much for a bag that looks damaged.
  10. Gorgeous choice tho! This too was my very first chanel bag (exact same combo) 5 years ago! ❤️
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