First Chanel - Classic or Seasonal?

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  1. Hi all!

    For my 30th birthday, my husband is being generous enough to buy me a Chanel bag! So we were at the Chanel store on the weekend and - it's so tough to choose just one bag. I'm also not used to big splurges (I only own a Givenchy Antigona and small seasonal LV crossbody in premier designers) so I think 20 times about the decision I'm making.

    I really loved the Mademoiselle Vintage flap bag in white when I first saw it. The gold on white is just so pretty. But I also got to hold the (I believe it was...) small classic flap in lambskin - such luxurious leather!

    However, at $6,000+, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase the classic. And I did love the Mademoiselle Vintage too so I figured I'll go with that. I ended up buying it in navy though because I chickened out about white and that I may have to be extra careful with white.

    Anyway so, I had asked them for the mini classic flap but they didn't have that. Now, my question is - should I actually wait for the mini classic flap or keep the MV flap? In terms of usage - I think both will be similar as they're both cross body/dressy etc. I'm not sure if mini is a bit smaller than the Small MV flap?

    I love the MV. But I'm not sure if a first time Chanel buyer should always go for classic over seasonal? What do you guys think about the MV flap bag? I do love that even though it's seasonal, it's not trendy in that hopefully it won't look dated in the next 10 years because it's very similar to Classic flap and the Diana flap. The CC logo is different though - which, again, I like - but at the same time I'm not sure that it'll look dated or not good later on as that's not the "normal" CC logo?

    Sorry for the long post. :sad: It's my first Chanel and I'm a bit confused because of the $$$ so I just posted my entire train of thought here.
  2. I would say go with what makes your heart sing. The classics will always be there. However if you are doubting your purchase maybe the mv isn't truly the bag you want. Personally my first Chanel was a seasonal piece.
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  3. Can you post a picture of your new bag and some mod shots please? The mini is a nice bag but doesn't hold very much so if space is something you need it may not be the bag for you.
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  4. Here is the pic. I don't have a mod shot right now - I'll try taking one in the evening and post. For reference though, I'm tall - 5'8 and skinny.

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  5. Which size is this? It's a great looking bag. What does the interior look like?

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  6. Maybe go with a limited edition bag
  7. This is a beautiful bag! And it has all the elements of a classic Chanel bag. Enjoy!
  8. I agree. Go with something you love... I've had seasonal pieces on my mind (and I've purchased them) years after they were released. I don't care if they "go out of style" because I am still so in love :smile: My first chanel was seasonal also. Like others have said, classics will always be around. You can always buy a classic for your next bag down the line :biggrin:
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  9. For your first Chanel I say go with classic. It's more expensive that the seasonal bags but hold onto their value much better. classic will never go out of style. I would wait for the mini classic flap - there are some amazing mini's coming for fall act I & II. I personally stick to classics. Now if I had an unlimited cash flow then of course I would dip into seasonal bags!
  10. This is a lovely Chanel. That blue is very very pretty. When I jumped back into the Chanel pool, the first handbag I purchased was a lambskin in blue (very similar to this) in the Golden Class style. I carried it all of last week and I still love that handbag.

    As has been said, the classics will always be there for you. Buy what you love and the size that works for your lifestyle! You'll never go wrong with that. :smile:
  11. It's a small, not sure what size the mini flap is so can't compare. Here's the interior pics and a side pic...sorry for the crappy quality.

    Chanel Mademoiselle Vintage inside.jpg Chanel MV inside.jpg Chanel MV side.jpg
  12. Thank you! That's what I like that it's still somewhat similar (ofc not as luxurious) but also a bit different than the usual. What do you think of the CC logo? Is this a new style?
  13. Where can I check out the mini's for fall act I and II? Thanks
  14. Thank you! I think the issue also is that the Medium classic is too $$$. So it can only be a mini and I've never seen a mini classic in person so I'm not sure if the size is smaller than this small MV flap bag. I did want something more for evenings so both would work. I do kinda like the fact that this is different than the usual flap bag but nothing too trendy. So my hope is that it won't look out of style 10 years from now. What do you think of this new CC logo?
  15. I am in the exact same spot as you. I am thinking of getting the white mademoiselle flap bag or the m/l classic with gh. There was a thread detailing the different sizes of the mademoiselle and the small mademoiselle was very close in size to the m'l classic flap. Did you buy the small mademoiselle or the mini mademoiselle?