First Chanel - classic flap in Black or blue fonce?

  1. Hi, I am new to Chanel. I finally decided to get my first Chanel bag... should have made up mind before the price increase...

    I went to NM today and saw this stunning medium blue fonce in lambskin. It will be great for spring/summer. I wanted a black one, now I am torn between blue and black. As my first Chanel, which color would you recommend? Thanks!
  2. Hmm. I though NM already increase price on Timeless Classic line. I would get black!
  3. Black. What size are you thinking about getting?
  4. Black gets my vote.
  5. while i love the blue fonce i think black flap is a great "first" bag
  6. BLACK! unless you have several "classics" already.
  7. black! it's a forever bag. then add color for your next one ;)
  8. I love blue becuase Everyone has black
  9. Black
  10. if it was ANY other colour except the blue fonce, i'd say get the black. BUT! the bleu fonce is my FAVOURITESTTTT blue shade in the whole world (for a chanel bag), so i'd definitely say get the blue! its such a gorgeous colour and you can get the black ANYTIME.
  11. Can I wear the black in the summer? will I miss the amazing color like blue fonce?
  12. For this time of year, I would go with the blue fonce. Gorgeous!!
  13. the blue fonce. Gorgeous!!:love: :love:
  14. BLack here too! ALways the best to start off with a black :p
  15. Oh, tough one . . . that blue is gorgeous :heart: but have to say that I agree with the votes for the black bag, it is a classic piece and would be my vote for your first Chanel, it will be a "forever" bag for you and you could always make your next one a lovely seasonal colored bag (trust me, there WILL be a next one! ;)