First Chanel Boutique outside of London!!!

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  1. I went into Selfridges in Manchester today and they are preparing to open a Chanel Boutique (mid-November time). The S/A told me it's shoes, bags and accessories. Just in time for Chrismas!!!!! So exciting, start making your lists girls.

    Does anyone have any further info? They were a bit vague on the actual opening date.
  2. If you have a look under the UK thread in the shopping section, there are some details. So sounds like its going to be a great store, and Manchester is a great location for an out of London store :smile:
  3. Ahhh, Chanel at Christmas .....What could be sweeter ?!:love:
  4. Fab news! another place for us to search for stuff!
  5. Great News! Hope it doesn't get swamped by all the WAGS!
  6. Great news!Thanks!:smile:
  7. This is fantastic news! I live in Manchester and was thinking that I would have to plan a trip to London to see all the Chanel bags and make my final decision (i.e. to keep my lambskin classic or not!). Does anyone have anymore info?
  8. I just called the store and it has been confirmed. A Chanel boutique will be opening at Selfridges Exchange Square in the first week of November. Yes!!